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Cometto-san updated

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11.0/older Hi res character Cometto-san updated on Fri Apr 29, 2011 4:56 am


This is Comet's latest update:
a) Super jump added.
b) Special effects added in her running animations.
c) New sparkling added during Hoshi No Michibiki Kyou.
d) New sparkling added during Hoshi No Uzumaki Kyaku.
e) Win pose 1 updated.
f) Special winscreen added.
g) Replaced the "Comet Wins" logo with just "You Win" logo.
h) Added new effects during her jump back.
i) Combo logic updated.
j) Crouch strong punch updated.
k) Crouch kicks updated.
l) New win portrait.
m) New palettes by Goodaldo.
n) Move list updated.


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