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Metal Gear aka Mugen Gear Hi-res Updated Patch!

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After some time passed, I decided my metal gear aka Mugen Gear need some major updates. These updates came courtesy of Tamez last year. I really appreciated him taken the time out and given solid feedback for a better quality screen-pack. I corrected all the errors that was pointed out. (Note only some sprites black bg sprites and some of Pots VR-Training stage code remanded for coding purposes). I tried removing them and it really made things work incorrectly, testing was good. This will be the final update for this build on winmugen-plus. I will be making this title and my other ghost in the shell for 1.1, when ever it gets released. I hope to be soon but, if not I will go ahead and convert to 1.0 mugen. 8)

Whats been Updated!

- New scan-lines for big port box's!
- Fixed Player one and player two box Icon alignment!
- Re-aligned character names, so they would not appear over sm character ports!
- Re-position select screen for all characters names to display correctly!
- Re-position the stage selection, separated from character name selection area!
- Cleaned up the system def. from unnecessary codes!
- Fixed Life-bars combo display!
- Changed win name fonts for life-bars!
- Fixed team names location and font type!
- Re-aligned team icons for team mode!

Link Below:


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