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Vanessa by sander e Takuma de Cirio edit By Gabiru

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es come to present some of my issues it is
Vanessa Sander and Takuma cirio edited for style
XIUM was added explodes and sparks of KOF XI and hit
guard sparks and sounds of the Kof XI also Winer and 2002UM
broken glass face I hope it's your taste

agregados varias cosas sparks e explods hitsparks e guard sparks XI sonidos cancels e carteles el fondo azul en el dreamcancel el winer 2002um e el fondo espero que sea de tu gusto el comentario é bien vindo

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So basically you took a Crio creation and Sander creation and added XI effects? (Dream Cancel, Super Cancel etc...) That's kind of neat I guess. Trying it out, I like the way Vanessa plays. Not bad, cool edits.


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ggood chars

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gabiru makes some decent edits
gonna try this one out

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Please don't necrobump old topics.


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