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Ferris Wheel

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1Stage Ferris Wheel on Sun Mar 07, 2010 10:39 pm

Yay! It's everyone's favorite ride! The Ferris Wheel. This was a side project to "The Warriors" Stages infact I will probably end up drifting away from that subject. The BGM is boss music from the house of the dead overkill. It sounded like carnival type music so, yeah I decided that was good.

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2Stage Re: Ferris Wheel on Sun Mar 07, 2010 10:58 pm

Soothing background, yet contrasted with horror music. You've outdone yurself again glb

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3Stage Re: Ferris Wheel on Sun Mar 07, 2010 11:03 pm

Yeah, this was one of my first stages.


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4Stage Re: Ferris Wheel on Mon Mar 08, 2010 3:09 pm

stage pretty koo

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