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Rei Seiryuu AKA 2Dee4ever AKA Dee AKA Shinrei AKA Comcap's Capcom Vs Snk Ikemen Project

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Rei Seiryuu AKA 2Dee4ever AKA Dee AKA Shinrei AKA Comcap's Capcom Vs Snk Ikemen Project 29630307338_927318ed53_o

Ok so most of you guys will have seen this dude around here and there on various mugen sites.
Currently as of 2019 he goes by 2Dee4ever but he has changed his name like a squillion times.

So for those unaware, he is working on a full game sort of project for IKEMEN using the add004 tag engine.
He used to make mugen characters but now he just does color separation and custom coding on his CVSNK characters for his personal IKEMEN fullgame project.

After watching several of his "Lets talk" and his "live stream" chats, it seems that there is a general premise on what his goal is.
His goal is to create tutorials on color seperation, and coding etc as a means to get a team of people around him willing and able to help sprite and edit all his characters etc for his full game project.

It seems he has also created gofundme or kickstarters etc so he can get donations to help "fund" his project or whatever.

However it seems that he has been quite harsh with words on people in the community and has a rep on being a bit of an ass - mainly because most people are more interested on asking him when is he gonna be finished with the project and share DL links, rather than help him make his game lol.

Either way, here I will be posting any interesting videos or discussions regarding what he is doing here.

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