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[灵域领主]Spiritland Lords By Svastika Phoenix Updated (02.28.19)

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[灵域领主]Spiritland Lords By Svastika Phoenix Updated (02.28.19) 29630307338_927318ed53_o

Character Bio


There are four great lords who are secret, named the lord of the dragon domain, the lord of the demon domain, the lord of the spiritual domain and the lord of the sanctuary.
This is a science and technology of human beings.
People do not believe in idealism and seek for things.
The wisdom of later generations relies on intelligence and retreats.
However, the spiritual domain is too artificial to be uncontrollable.
The man who made it is incomprehensible and prevents the Xuan Wen from initiating responsibility for the prevention of humanity.
However, with the exhaustion of energy and the difficulty of farming, it is gradually falling, how can heaven be easy?

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[灵域领主]Spiritland Lords By Svastika Phoenix Updated (02.28.19) RjBqV68
Very interesting release

[灵域领主]Spiritland Lords By Svastika Phoenix Updated (02.28.19) QnnT425

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