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Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex- ScreenPack!

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New: Update One!

OK, here we go again I must say I'm very proud to present another cool Ghost in the shell screenpack. The first pack was based upon the original anime movie. This new screen pack is based upon the current anime show(GHOST IN THE SHELL: STAND ALONE COMPLEX). It was fun making this one, it also has it's own edited custom made bars. I'm new to making life bars so either love them or hate them. I used all source materials I could find to get the concept I needed. Yet, I could not find a whole lot of resources to get what I really wanted. Still I believe things are decent enough to enjoy. What's included let's see!





It's completed and if any errors are found which it should not have. Please let me know, positive feedback is needed no negative stupid flaming. The link is below ports are included this time!

First I would like to give credit to those who help me, to make this screen pack happen.

"QuickSilver" - For his support and feed back and suggestions on this screen pack

that he shared with me.He has always inspired me to go to the next level in mugen. Quick is

a real good friend and I have much respect for him and his skills.

"GLB" - For ideas and encouragement, and supportive feed back.GLB has always been a good friend also and for allowing me use one of his awesome stages to host pack.

"ExShadow" - For great inspiration to be apart of mugen and also his shared ideas. Also, for beta testing the screen pack for me. Also, for the awesome pro-type base for the life-bars!

"Thanks for that bro, I really needed it".

"Cybaster"- For his feed back and opinions.

"BC" and Evo cast for all the feed back and opinions.

"The mugen community"- Thanks for all who supported me on all forums at "Mugen

Infantry", "The syndicate", "Mugen Guild", "Infinity mugen Team", "Mugen Evolution", "NewAgeMugen".....

Now enjoy this screen pack and if u have any questions about it u can reach me at any

one of these sites. My two screen names are GrayFox and solidusSnake..

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QuickSilver wrote:Lookin Good Bro Thumbs Up
ill dl now.

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Lookin Good Bro


ill dl now.


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Shit this is nizzice!!!


Boosie Badazz I'll Spit On Ya!
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Shit this is nizzice!!!


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I will be uploading two updates soon! one with a template for the select ports and one for the lifebars also an modified patch for the system def file. It will give the option to choose the team modes. The second update will be minor tweaks to the lifebars and what ever else problem is addressed to me.

Updated check the first post! :jedi:

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