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[Mugen Creator/Website]Duracelleur's Mugen Workshop

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Vermilion Spy

Vermilion Spy

[Mugen Creator/Website]Duracelleur's Mugen Workshop 32795826767_bd9bc92b05_o
Duracelleur's Mugen Workshop

[Mugen Creator/Website]Duracelleur's Mugen Workshop Up

Duracelleur is a veteran French Mugen creator & graphic artist, & one of the oldest, well known names in mugen community.
He has been active within the Mugen community since the MUGEN-Dos era of 2001, and was one of the first Mugen creators EVER to create a functional, working screenpack for MUGEN.

Perhaps one of the more underrated creators, he is not particularly well-known for making any one specific break through creation, but instead, he has released a plethora of screenpacks, characters, and fullgame content over his long ongoing Mugen career.
He is still updating and releasing content as of 2018.

The Early Days

[Mugen Creator/Website]Duracelleur's Mugen Workshop NPzkLOl [Mugen Creator/Website]Duracelleur's Mugen Workshop I6Ypma4  [Mugen Creator/Website]Duracelleur's Mugen Workshop 8FV3IVo

In 2001, Duracelleur was on his AMD Duron 800 + 128mo RAM Windows 98 PC testing Neogeo ROMs and other CPS2 ROMS via MSDOS.
Around that time, A big well known french newspaper "Le Monde" released an article about MUGEN and elecbyte which inspired him to make his first personal website called D.iN.S.V.

[Mugen Creator/Website]Duracelleur's Mugen Workshop OGP0Xbb

He then began making screenpacks in Photoshop 5, and shared the content on a few french and italian websites (all of which are dead now) and then  things grew from there.

"To-Six" Characters Project controversy

[Mugen Creator/Website]Duracelleur's Mugen Workshop NrsZO5o

Unfortunately, the reason why Duracelleur does not make the Mugen Forbes list despite his timeless contributions to the mugen community, is due the controversy surrounding his "To-Six" character edits project.

The "To-Six" characters project was a project in which Duracelleur edited a variety of 4-button characters from various game series, mostly of SNK game origins so that they play in a 6 Button style akin to the early CPS2 Marvel Vs Series Capcom games.

The characters hosted a variety of issues due to the gameplay faults in the template he created, the main issue being ridiculous infinite combo loops and unfixed, underlying issues with some of the original versions of the characters (not to mention the questionable clashing hitspark effects and super BGs)

The MUGEN 1.1 Era - M.U.G.E.N Multiverse SP & KOF Anthology Project

Duracelleur made the jump to Mugen 1.1 and started creating HD content following the release of Mugen 1.1, and in 2016 notably released the 720p Mugen Multiverse screenpack.

In 2017 He also released the 3rd version of his KOF fullgame - KOF Anthology (AKA KOFA) . A 720p screenpack designed via the same structure as the MMV SP (wide menu and 4/3 fights)). It features 585 characters (+ hidden -not much kofed- chars) and 250 classified stages. Each character was edited with a simplified 4 button gamneplay and easy combos/specials/hypers & frenzy attacks in order to have what he claims to be "a complete homogeneous game."


Duracelleur's Youtube Channel
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[Mugen Creator/Website]Duracelleur's Mugen Workshop IiUPbyB
Download All official work here
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