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Mugen Creations By 悪咲3号様 AKA Warusaki3

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Vermilion Spy

Vermilion Spy

Mugen Creations By 悪咲3号様 AKA Warusaki3

Warusaki3 is a veteran retired Japanese Mugen character creator from Hiroshima, Japan.
Warusaki3 was active within the Mugen community since atleast October 18th, 2003 but likely longer. He coincidentally announced his retirement from Mugen publicly on the 13th of October, 2011.  

Warusaki is by far one of the most recognized and notorious creators to have ever contributed to the Mugen scene.
Prior to Warusaki, no other creators in the mugen community had yet created highly source accurate Capcom Vs Snk 2 characters, with full groove bar and mechanics implementation. His character coding skills, coding innovations, and general quality have served as foundations and benchmarks for character creation which still hold credability to this day, and are even the predecessors to the mainstream "POTs style" later coined by the community to describe the grooveless, "CVS-esque" character creation format devised by equally well known creator, Phantom Of the Server, shortly after.

Last known post by Warusaki3 before his untimely retirement from the mugen community, October, 2011

Official Download Links

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(Warusaki's Older 2005 works - hosted on Jun Tamayo's Geocities site- various snk game characters including Ryu and Mr Karate from SVC Chaos)

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Patch Notes:

This patch adds: All chars: Proper compatibility with announcer systems of other CvS2 chars by Jesuszilla and Rolento, fixes the bug in survival where the intro pops up on the lose screen.

Character-specific fixes:

-Benimaru: Added intro against Kyo by Vans
-Captain Commando: Added intro against Iori by Vans, Adelheid, fixed backwards Guard Cancel
-Chun-Li: Added intro against Iori by Vans, Adelheid
-Geese: Added intro with CvS2 Andy
-Ingrid: Fixed Sun Burst issue
-Kim: Added intro against Iori by Vans, Adelheid
-King: Fixed Trap Shot bug in A-Groove,  fixed bug where K-Groove gauge would constantly deplete
-Kyo: Added intro with Iori by Vans, Kyo by Vans
-Nakoruru: Walk anim fixes + canceling into super from basics with full meter using only 1 button (1.0)
-Rolento: Fixed yaccels in the jumping attacks
-Yamazaki: Added intro against Chun-Li by Jmorphman
-Zangief: Intro with Eagle


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