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Juri Han by Chucho Edited/Updated By PrimeSC/Hairline733 (2/27/18)

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Vermilion Spy


Authors Notes:
Wassup yall heres Juri Han by Chucho Edited/Fixed up by Me

-98% of hitboxes remade to ssfiv ae
-All Frame data accurate from ssfiv ae
-realigned some sprites
-Fixed Size of Fuhaijin Helper
-fixed poweradd on HK Fuhaijin
-realigned hitsparks
-Ex Fuhaijin Does knockdown
-resized hitsparks to match updated ones
-added HK animation for senpushu so it doesnt share with MK version
-Fixed Senpusha hits not connecting and MK,HK,EX versions do knockdown now
-recoded shikusen to more resemble ssfiv ae
-added landing animations for all versions of shikusen
-recoded kasatushi, added direction change to ex version
-added new lvl 1 super
-fixed gethit hitboxes
-fixed recovery hitboxes
-made a lvl 3 portrait
-fixed animations and timings for lvl3
-fixed custom combo
-Fixed grab so it works properly
-fixed pal postions
-Updated Eng Voicepack
-added win quotes
-Fuhaijin Kick can now block projectiles with the proper timing like ssfiv
-added lvl 2 version of toriga kogeki
-readded air guard

Enjoy everyone lemme know if there are bugs and whatnot
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