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Rugal Bernstein By ReddBrink Updated (07/22/2018)

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Vermilion Spy

Vermilion Spy

What's Included?
Author Notes:
-EXPLODsive Buffering System by Jmorphman & Just No Point
-Frame Data on all of his normals & most of his specials/supers
-Possible Bugs that need fixing (LOL)

What's Left?
Author Notes:
-Add Official CVS2 Collision Boxes (At some point in time)
-Maybe add 1 more super (Im looking at YOU! Dead End Screamer)

What has been changed?
Author Notes:
-Destruction Omega MAX Ending Changed(Made it similar to Vans Omega Rugal)
-Changed Beads Destructors command to Half Circle Back + Any Kick
-Changed Hitsound for the last hit of Destruction Omega. Also increased its x Velocity and Envshake for more impact (i hope)
-Fixed EX Kaiser Wave not Becoming unblockable at full charge. also fixed the X pos of the projectile as it appeared behind rugal instead of in front of him.
-Added A.I Patch made by HyperClawManiac
-Adjusted Damage on all EX Specials
-Modified Rugal Execution
-Fixed missing sounds on some moves while adding & changing sounds in others
-Modified Rugal Execution (Thanks Knuckles8864)

Intro Patches Download:
Guile by Jmorphman
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Vega/M.Bison by Froz
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Other Notes:
And here he is! Rugal Bernstein! Ready for action!
C&C Always Welcome!
Overall i hope you all enjoy him as much as i did creating him!

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