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Turbo .AIR maker By JesusZilla (15.06.18)

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1Tool Turbo .AIR maker By JesusZilla (15.06.18) on Thu Aug 09, 2018 2:54 am

Vermilion Spy

Vermilion Spy

Turbo .AIR maker By JesusZilla (15.06.18) 49283912532_cb9be7ddac_o
Original post for this was on MFG Here: Turbo .AIR maker

This tool helps you convert a .AIR file with normal timings to Turbo timings given a frameskip value. Remember: you must grab the timings in true normal (in VSav, you have to set this through the game config menu, since the default "normal" is actually Turbo 1. I believe this is also the case for SFA3).

In general you'll most likely use 3 (1 in 3 frames) or 4 (1 in 4 frames)

In case you're wondering about the values CvS2 and CFJ use (highlighted numbers are the ones you'll want to use for the SKIP_FRAME value:

  • 1 star - No frameskip[/li]

  • 2 star - 1 in 5 frames[/li]

  • 3 star - 1 in 4 frames[/li]

  • 4 star - 1 in 3 frames[/li]

  • 5 star - 1 in 2 frames[/li]

These will vary from game to game, so it is your responsibility to know which value to use. Do not use any value lower than 2. Requires Python 3.

Download Link:

Turbo .AIR maker By JesusZilla (15.06.18) 39750191021_f709bd611c_o

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