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NO WARNING – electroHR(evival) project 2.0 is here! - NO MUHAHAHA

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[s]not [/s]sane; [s]not[/s] of sound mind; mentally [s]deranged[/s] ok.
of, relating to, or characteristic of a person who is mentally [s]deranged[/s] ok:
[s]in[/s]sane actions; a[s]n in[/s]sane asylum.
utterly senseless:
an [s]in[/s]sane plan.



Finally, electroHR(evival)2.0-project-release-day…

Short, this is a new 1500 bgs release in two parts:
1. electroHR project (1400 bgs) contains original creations - special tribute to [s]hentai[/s] visual novel games this time
2. electroHRevival project (100 bgs) is an attempt to ... revive in 1.x era some very old (but nice) bgs... i did what i could...

Common points:
• mugen 1.x compatible only
• very mainly made for high resolutions (HD/HR)
• created for 4/3 ratio screens but 16/9 ratio compatible
• opensource

All credits goes to:
• cybaster
• all original authors
• electrocaid
Very special thanks again to Scal that made it possible...

A few shots:

Right there:
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& there:
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Wow. I don't know what to say electrocaid.
That is quite a large body of work you have here.
An amazing contribution. I think you have definitely earned your contributor badge.
Keep up the good work and we aporeciate your contributions to mugen




Hahahaha, that's not everybody's point of view giggle

Very surprised - & honored - by your reply

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