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Kamekaze's Mugen Creations

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11.0/older characters Kamekaze's Mugen Creations on Thu May 31, 2018 1:51 am

Vermilion Spy


Mugen Creations By Kamekaze

Kamekaze is veteran mugen character creator best known for creating an array of different characters from multiple games.
Kamekaze has been active since atleast as early as 2008, but likely much longer.

While he is not particularly known for one specific character, he has made over 100 characters to date and is always updating/adding various tweaks and improvements. Many of his characters tend to use custom gameplay styles aswell as the ingame canon-systems.

If you have been involved with mugen since the early days, the chances of you NOT having a Kamekaze char in your roster are extremely low.
Kamekaze resembles that of the early years of Japanese mugen authors - converting characters from a wide variety of different games.

Noteworthy are his infamous "Nega-Ryo" and "Nega-Joe" character edits - they are among some of the classic hallmark characters released during the mugen golden age (2007-2009)


Vermilion Spy


Video Footage

Authors Notes:
This started off as a joke between me and @[user id=24782]Killer Kong[/user]: aka TTTTTsd when we first found Zhang Fei by General Chicken. We then looked for the rest of his works and played with them on ikemen on stream for even more joke reasons. However roughly 2.5 years ago we jokingly said we should make something out of these. Then one day it all got very real and very serious. The first game, which this is not, is referred to as Dynasty Whyrriors because why would we bother or anyone for that matter. It's still not finished either because we started on this one after getting the boss up and running. But we did have to rip the remaining never made for mugen chars to have a complete roster. This involved frankenspriting by people who have no idea how to sprite anything but pulled it off anyway lol. After we finalized combat and the roster we were on target to release the first one relatively soon. However, TTTTTsd came to me with the idea of going further with the guest chars in the first game, Ray and Mizoguchi respectively, involving a tag game with the cast of both series. I told him if he could make it work I'd be interested.

Enter the Uno Tag system and it's ability to patch files with a template you could actually be in control of. While it's stock code was very clunky and unpolished was a good place to start so that I didn't have to make it entirely from scratch. That being said, we had to rewrite 80% of it's original code just to make the debug flood go away and optomize how it functions as a whole. We then built upon it to change how tagging worked and I took it one step further and introduced tag supers within the system. We officially had a working tag system that kept track of active players and any values that used to rely on p2's x axis were reworked to support looking only at the active player. This allowed me to implement functioning AI as well as code supers that would normally depend on values that simul mode breaks entirely.

But we weren't done there, we also had to remake almost all of the Karnov's Revenge cast because Ray(shout outs to Xinos), Marstorious, and Yungmie were the only ones that was done properly. So this meant that we had to code the karnov chars accurately then adapt them to this system. A gigantic amount of work for something we absolutely consider to be kusoge but that's pretty much my forte at this point.

What we are giving you all is a fully fleshed out tag experience with a ton of inside jokes and references that wont spoil your experience. I even made a Manual for you all to familiarize yourself with. It works offline on firefox as the readme.htm and online on any other browser.



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