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Varo Hades Mugen Creations

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1CvS POTs Character Varo Hades Mugen Creations on Tue Apr 24, 2018 6:18 am

Vermilion Spy


Mugen Creations By Varo Hades

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Varo Hades, Also known as Claudio Hades is a spanish speaking (nationality not confirmed) Mugen creator best known for his various CVS POTs style gameplay character conversions.  He has been involved in the mugen scene since atleast 2008.

Worth noting, is that his characters often serve as the base for many edits released by other creators such as shiyokakuge, AKA Tatsu, the creator of the famous ADD004 basic/Babel Sword Mugen addons, and Bahamian King, owner one of the largest Fighting Game/Mugen youtube channels.

Although he has a fixed website, which as of 2018 hosts links 14 of his characters, his creations outside of the is core list of 14 are various, and quite illusive - having no fixed forum or hosting site, nor appearing anywhere on his official website.

His various other CVS character edits and creations can be found scattered throughout youtube channels, various Mugen forums release threads, and on mugen warehousing sites.

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