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Editing and A.I patch for Jmorphman's Ryo by Jadeeye (19.10.17)

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Vermilion Spy

Vermilion Spy

Authors Notes:
Hi everyone, I have edited Jmorphman's Ryo Sakazaki. He now have one more Super, more easier to play and new A.I.

------------ BUG FIXES -------------
- Fix Zanretsuken cause freezing when affect multi opponents on Simul Mode
- Fix missing target bug (sometime happen) after getting hit from Tenchi Haoh Ken

------------- EDITING --------------
- Stand Far Medium Kick can be Special/Super cancel
- Combo with Hyochuwari much easier than before
- Increase hit time for some Normals move to avoid missing combo
- No longer perform multiple Ko'oken projectile
- Increase velocity and invincibility time for EX Mokou Raijin Satsu
- Increase Super pause time and reduce animation time for (MAX) Haoh Shokoken
- No longer perform multiple Haoh Shokoken projectile
- Reduce animation time for (MAX) Ryuko Ranbu
- Remove juggle point for (MAX) Haoh Shokoken, (MAX) Ryuko Ranbu to avoid missing combo
- Increase damage and reduce animation time for Tenchi Haoh Ken
- Add new Super move: Haoh Burst

--------------- A.I ---------------
- Add A.I Jumping
- Add A.I Walking
- Add A.I Parry
- Add A.I Rolling
- Ryo can combo with Zanretsuken combine with other Supers
- Ryo will often kicking to keep distance with an opponent but he will perform it less when his life below half
- Using Ariel Ko'oken for air-attacking
- Defend with Koho and Zanretsuken
- Using EX Moko Raijinsetsu and MAX Ryuko Ranbu to attack projectile spammers suddently
- Using Haoh Burst for anti-air and defending (Edited version)

A.I Difficulty Option:
Level 1-4: Original A.I
Level 5-8: New A.I

CrazyKoopa and Jmorphman for the character
ShinSmoke for his A.I coding
RajaaBoy for Ryo's Super

Hope you guys enjoy :)

Download link:
- Edited version:
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A.I only version:
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