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Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution Lifebars (640x480, 1.1) By TheArcadeStriker (04.11.18)

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Vermilion Spy

Vermilion Spy

I know these are still not 100% complete as there is no tag mode added for them etc, but I think purely for editing and development purposes these would be worth the look. They are tidy, neat, and I always liked the style of Virtua Fighter Lifebars. Even some of the older ones released for Hires Winmugen back in the days.

Authors Notes:
Hello everyone! Just releasin here my Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution lifebars for MUGEN 1.1! It's 640x480 but I intend to make a 1280x720/Widescreen port in the future too. While it doesnt have animations for Roudn 6 or higher and Draw, as well as not having Simul/Team support yet; mostly everything is on place: Lifebars, Round/K.O./Win/Timeout animations and Announcer. It also includes a patch to make it use 2 winticks instead of 3 (and another one to revert the change). Enjoy!

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