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BlazeBlue Central Fiction Lifebars & Portrait template By GaziraAgain (24.03.18)

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Vermilion Spy


Authors Notes:
Finally I finish Central Fiction' s Hud! This time I use Add004 addon to work with common1.cns and fightfx archives. With this I can made animations with multiple layers, combo messages and sounds, posibilities to tag mode, etc. Lifebars work with 1280x720 resolution and are made only for mugen 1.1. All 3 modes (Single, Simul and Turns) have his owns lifebar animations and this time turns mode have anims and sounds until round 9, and the better part it´s that lifebars, Hd fx effects included and sounds weigh only less than 40mb, being able to play them in any Pc, always that supports openGl, sure. I hope your comments and if someone found some bug just tell me and I will try to fix it, I hope you like them, there are tons of work on them. See you.

-Single Mode

-Simul Mode

-Turns Mode

-Screen Animations:

Installation/Setup Notes:
1-You need to patch your chars with the add004pie, if not you can´t see anything, remember don´t forget this step!
2-For unknown reason 9000,0 portrait shows on screen, to resolve this it´s very easy, go at end of .air archive of your chars and change the number 9000,0 for anything that it´s not use on lifebars (9000,6-9000,7-9000,8), for example 9000,10

; as characters face / portrait ; ??????????
[begin action 909002]

; as characters face / portrait ; ??????????
[begin action 909002]

-Shiyo Kakuge, for his amazing job with the Add004 files, and open sourece! Thank you very much!
-RNNN_ sprite and sound rips.
-The people that help me in the project, this is dedicated for yours.
-Arc System Works for create the game.
-All the people that continues playing mugen.


Here you can find all templates for create your lifebar portraits and over 200 portraits for single mode lifebar.




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