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Electro's Mugen Creations

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1 Electro's Mugen Creations on Mon Mar 26, 2018 5:25 am

Vermilion Spy


Electro's Mugen Creations

Check out his videos here

Electro is a Mugen Creator from Georgia USA. He has been active since at least 2006.
A somewhat underrated and overlooked creator, Electro
is possibly one of the most diverse mugen creators in the mugen community.

Electro has a massive arsenal of edits & creations. As of 2018 he continues to release countless stages, but he has also made intros/endings storyboards, screenpacks, fullgames, characters, and is even one of the very few creators to dabble with interactive mugen coding also.

Electros creations are mainly based around CPS1/2/NeoGeo SNK chars/stages, which seem to be his preferred Aesthetic.
His trademark is his ULT or "ULTIMATE" style characters/stages, which are usually older CPS1/2/snk game stages that have been enhanced for Mugen 1.1 to include super high jump, widescreen, and zoom features etc.

Examples of some characters in Electros ULT style - which are highly stylized versions of the originals.

A noteworthy mention is that Electro has also produced many useful and informative Mugen tutorials, which can be found on his website and also on his youtube channel.

Mugen 1.0 & 1.1 creations such as stages, characters, storyboards, Tutorials etc...


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