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WN-Goku [0.9b] By Wolfstak (29.12.2017)

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1Mugen 1.1 Only Character WN-Goku [0.9b] By Wolfstak (29.12.2017) on Sun Mar 11, 2018 1:52 am

Vermilion Spy

Vermilion Spy

Authors Notes:

Mugenversion: 1.1
Render: OpenGL
Version: 0.9 beta version release. There are bugs, and also some content has not entered. Later, maybe updated. Enjoy!

Settings required in Mugen cfg:
AfterImageMax = 20+
LayeredSpriteMax = 200+
ExplodMax = 500+
SysExplodMax = 100+
PlayerProjectileMax = 500+
WavChannels = 100+

Additional Testers Notes:
X is SSJ
X + Back is SSJ2
X + Foward is SSG
X + Foward + Back at the same time is SSB
X + Down is an Ki Burst
X + Down + Foward is a Chargeable Ki-Explosion
Y + Down + Forward is Kaioken. To raise Kaioken's Multiplier just do it again, up to 20x's. Can also be used while in SSB form.
Start to charge and while charging hit X to temporarily go invincible.
Z + Down + Forward is Kamehameha, let go to shoot up and hold right to shoot straight. Can also be used midair.
Z + Down + Back is a Charged Ki Blast.

Doing any of the 3 basic combo's using A, B or C, and then pressing Y while in the middle of a combo and spamming all 3, will do a Rush type of attack while lifting the enemy slowly into air. Will place you in a flying state.

Pressing Y after a jump while make you fly.

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2Mugen 1.1 Only Character Re: WN-Goku [0.9b] By Wolfstak (29.12.2017) on Sun Mar 11, 2018 1:58 am

Vermilion Spy

Vermilion Spy

Side note - this character "allegedly" needs to be used with Wolfstaks so-called Wolfecho Mugen hack, which is supposed to override helper/explodmax to allow for extra fx in Mugen 1.1 however I would recommend just using it with the standard Mugen 1.1 4GB patch version as the dll file can cause some other unusual bugs like slowdowns, crashes, and incorrectly loading resources and stage layers etc depending on your PC specs/mugen setup


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