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R.O.K (Reign Of Kreation) Video Intro Project for Alpyne D

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Alright Alpyne, now that we got dat logo outa the way, we can focus on this video. So i'll go back over our notes below to make sure we covered everything:

@Sir Lord Alpyne wrote:'m still gonna use tha same track [tho i am thinkin' of an alternative track to use as well, just to switch it up sometimes]

Gotchu. I will throw a placeholder bronx-type Rare ass beat in there to start with and u can send me the beat u wanna use later once i got the vid length sorted.

@Sir Lord Alpyne wrote:i'm definitely gonna have Fire Break Kannon abused beforehand [tha lvl 3 super] since i don't wanna increase that segment of tha intro's time length, which is about 16 secs.

I gotchu fam. So the video should end with Firebreak cannon right before the logo appears/fades in.

@Sir Lord Alpyne wrote:i don't count tha NA segment's length, since it's alwayz subject to change, but is usually no longer than 10-13 secs [NA's Windows 9.1 intro, for example], & that works cuz i don't want my vids' overall intro time to exceed 25-28 sec [keepin' it klassy ].

No doubt. I'll mae sure the intro overall doesnt go over 30ish seconds - that's a pretty decent length IMO.

@Sir Lord Alpyne wrote:on a sidenote, i'd luv to see, & possibly help work on, a new NA intro, but that's for another topic B)

Way ahead of u fam - NAM vid intro was remade in 4k 2160p 60fps over a year ago on syns website b4 he closed down again - a few peeps already been using it - it is under 15 secs so i'll join it to the start of your intro.

@Sir Lord Alpyne wrote:Can you fade this into tha background [position-wise, just tha eyes really] & behind tha logo [to give off a looming/lurking effect], maybe starting tha fade in as tha logo is almost finished falling back? & then at that point just continue tha logo's anim for about 7-8 more seconds? & have it as wide as possible as well [to match tha width of tha logo if need be, but within reason, of course]?

Gotchu -I need to redraw that whole logo in 4k coz the quality is a low/too small but no major - I will render it & use some hard core fx to fade it in like sand or smoke or sum shit. - we can play with that.

@Sir Lord Alpyne wrote:meanwhile, i gotta come up with a way to fade to this awesomeness from tha Fire Break Kannon finished, but imma figure it out somehow dammit! that shit's too phukkin' raw not to!

Don't even worry about dat fam - I gotchu covered. What I thought we do is:

1)have 3 different fight scenes, each 5 seconds long with raphael fucking some niggaz up
2)In the last scene, he KO's with a firebreak cannon right before the logo effect comez in
3)and all 3 fight scenes will be blended into each other and ill add heaps of dank ass effects, grain, glitches etc movie trailer type shit.

If u use your imagination(and ignore all that text and bullshit video clips/tittays:CannotUnsee: ) the three scenes could transition into each other sorta like this:

Let me know your thoughts, and let me know if I missed anything! Dat behind


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