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My Graphics

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1Graphic Art (General) My Graphics on Sun Mar 04, 2018 12:49 pm



Past topic got a lot of images down, so I'm starting a new one for better organization.

Full Character WIPs

Last Word Finisher BGM.

Once I like the idea enough, I start sketching the animation, have several rough sketches already, though I won't detail them until I have the moves fully conceptualized (commands, chain possibilities & usefulness between them).

Still deciding on them, since she doesn't attack directly with melee and her pressure play is mid-range, balancing someone like that for a fighter may be rather difficult, but I have a few ideas to design the gameplay.

Special Moves
-Setting-(F,DF,D,DB,B +A or B or C), To activate (D,D + A or B or C)
An idle puppet is set in the field, can be destroyed, when activated does one of 3 things depending of the button pressed:
a.- Does a spinning attack in the same place it was set.
b.- Fires a small quick laser at enemy's direction.
c.- Artful Sacrifice: Flies towards the enemy and explodes on the floor launching P2 in air, keeping the button pressed holds the attack. (1000 of power to activate this)

-Barrage-(B,DB,D,DF,F + A or B or C)
Rapid succession of puppet strikes at mid-range.

-Grappling-(F,D,DF,F + A or B or C)
A puppet grabs the enemy in mid-air and slams it against the floor.

-Dummy-(D,DB,B + A or B or C)
Works as a counter, P1 is hit revealing is just a dummy which explodes hurting the enemy,  she then reveals herself from behind an invisibility/camouflage cloak at certain distance away (distance depends of the button pressed), being slow and poor at close melee, this helps to keep the distance as well.

Super Moves
A giant puppet is summoned, has a time limit, can take hits but can't be destroyed, it doesn't flinch if attacked, range is huge and can be controlled to perform various actions to help in combo chains/pressure. (Haven't defined all its moves, but requires 3000 of power to summon)

-Level Titania-
A large halberd-wielding armoured puppet is summoned (slightly taller than P1), it doesn't have a time limit but can take hits and damage at any time, after taking some damage it's destroyed, has limited super-armor and flinches when it breaks, it automatically attacks once it's summoned using melee only and cannot be controlled (movement speed is average and attack startup is pretty slow), but can be commanded to perform one of these 3 things:
x.- Self-destruct hurting the enemy, anti-aerial.
y.- Fire a high-output laser.
z.- Do a fast combo while charging at the enemy.

The puppet is left unusable after performing any of them. (Requires 2000 of power to summon, and 1000 to do the rush combo, shoot the laser or make it self-destruct)

Goliath and Titania can't be at the same time in the field.

-Dolls of War-
(Still Deciding)

-Trip Wires-
A series of strings are scattered across the stage for a certain amount of time that hurt the enemy if touched and produce a small stunt, damage is very minimal, but restricts P2's movements & P1 can move during this. (Requires 2000 of power)

P1 fires a high-output laser, range is infinite. (Requires 1000 of power)

The Last Word:

Finishing moves that trigger when certain criteria is met & override -Dolls of War-, which would be the strongest super on hit, but still undecided on them.

-Grimoire- On low health (could works as a counter), If it hits a cinematic sequence starts, P1 is knocked out revealing her non-retconned form which flies at the distance, summons a sort of alternate realm and starts gathering dark magic from her book into a huge attack which is released and obliterates everything. End cut shows P1 reappearing and wondering what just happened.

-The Phantom of the Grand Guignol- If it hits a cinematic sequence starts, several dozens of creepy/horror puppets are summoned from the darkness into a theatre's stage, followed by a giant monstrous one that grabs P2 and seals it in a box, then the smaller ones pierce the box with several swords to finally being sliced in half by the giant one. End cut shows P1 doing a reverence to the "public".


Here's the example sketch of the combo I showed before, considering 6 buttons, [a,b,c for character]-[x,y,z for puppets]
(Requires goliath summoned + a puppet set in the field+1000 power),

A(normal), B(normal), C(normal), 41236+c(barrage), 236+c(it's a follow-up), 22+b(upper slashes), 4214+a(stabs), 22+z(Goliath smash), 22+c(activates puppet), 6236+a(grappling+while enemy is in air:
<--not shown here)
Haven't fully decided on the commands, so this can change.

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Random FX Works

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Random Sprite Work

5Graphic Art (General) Re: My Graphics on Sun Mar 04, 2018 3:01 pm



Awesome stuff, was wondering if you ever did the fx lines from Zone of Enders. Besides that, great stuff.

6Graphic Art (General) Re: My Graphics on Mon Mar 05, 2018 12:37 am

Vermilion Spy


Very nice indeed. bow I can see the type of style you are going for with the effects. Very lolita goth type style


7Graphic Art (General) Re: My Graphics on Sat Mar 24, 2018 4:43 pm



I guess, thought that's only for a move.
@GRAYFOX wrote:Awesome stuff, was wondering if you ever did the fx lines from Zone of Enders. Besides that, great stuff.
I don't think I ever did.

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Cool to see you're still doing your thing study


9Graphic Art (General) Re: My Graphics on Thu Mar 29, 2018 12:32 am



barely study

10Graphic Art (General) Re: My Graphics on Sun Jun 03, 2018 9:04 pm



Reworked this.

11Graphic Art (General) Re: My Graphics on Mon Jun 04, 2018 10:46 am

Vermilion Spy


Fabulous. And pushing the mugen stage and art boundaries as always study


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