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Introduction Thread Guidelines

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1 Introduction Thread Guidelines on Thu Feb 22, 2018 9:11 am



Self Explanatory - in this thread you can Introduce yourself.
If you don't want to post in the mega thread, You can make your own new topic and introduce yourself there too.

IMPORTANT: *R.P.P.P rule applies here (see rules section) - Be responsible when sharing any personal info

Basically you can introduce yourself however you want.
All lost for words? Some suggestions on what to talk about in your introduction:

*If you use various aliases, list the pseudonyms/monikers we may know you by.
*Let us know what brought you to newagemugen & how you found us
*how long have you been doing mugen & what got you into it?
*Tell us about your music taste, movie taste, favorite game or favorite anything!
*List your hobbies & likes outside of the realm of gaming/mugen too - most of us here have alot more in common than you would think


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