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Mugen Creations by O Illusionista

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1 Mugen Creations by O Illusionista on Mon 19 Feb 2018 - 7:59

Vermilion Spy


O Ilusionista's Mugen Creations

Check out his videos here

O Ilusionista (The Illusionist) AKA Douglas Baldan, is a Brazilian Mugen stage/character creator & the founder of the Brazil Mugen Team (BMT)
He has been active since December of 1999, making him one of the oldest known creators still active.

He is best known for his Street Fighter Spec Ops Characters & Megaman MVC custom edits, but being one of the longest active remaining known mugen creators, he has a wide plethora of creations under his belt.

According to Mugen Wiki's profile of O Ilusionista, "he is primarily a coder & his characters often feature his own personal touch as a result of him having no set standard for his characters". He is known for doing unconventional characters and boss characters that are sometimes cheap and often come with a very aggressive A.I.

One little known fact is about O Illusionista is that he actually works proffessionally in graphic & design outside of mugen and his works can be viewed via his online portfolio here: Douglas Baldans Graphic Port Folio. For that, we salute him!

Character Review By Swagga Kingz of Spec OPS MB-01 By Illusionista

Killer Croc By Illusionista - a popular release

Spec Ops Trailer

Sidenote: There are 2 Spec-OPs characters that are yet to be released - both of which were already appearing in videos and mugen screenshots in 2008. SPEC OPS Shaolin (a sf3 sean edit) and Soul Reaper (aka Undead Rose). Both are show here:

Download all Of O Illusionista's Characters here from Brazil Mugen Team:

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2 Re: Mugen Creations by O Illusionista on Mon 19 Feb 2018 - 8:28

Vermilion Spy


Updates: Roll added Decemebr 27, 2017.

Authors Notes:

=========== | Roll V2.0 |==========

Coded By:  DCL (all the basic stuff)
Updated RMM coding By: O Ilusionista (power sets, AI, revamped codes and animations and additional sprite edits)
Mugen: Mugen 1.0
Data: 26/12/2017
Char number: 70

I had a lot of fun programming this character, especially the "Power Sets". DCL did an amazing job with the base character, I just put the cherry in the cake :)

Shocked animation by Xenomic. New stance by God of Death Alex.

============= | IMAGES | ============

============= | VIDEO | ============

Character Movelists

QCF: Quarter-circle Forward (D, DF, F)
QCB: Quarter-circle Backward (D, DB, B)
DP: Dragon-Punch (F, D, DF)
DPB: Dragon-Punch Backward (B, D, DB)

QCF+P: Mega Buster
QCB+P: Flower Pot
QCB+K: Roll Charge

D, D, any button: Change Weapon
LP: Water Hose
MP: Eddie
HP: Sweets Shield
LK: Cute Spike
MK: Vacuum Dash
HK: Friendly Help
QCF+K: Use Weapon

QCF+PP: Hyper Roll
QCB+PP: Lovely Attack
QCF+KK: Rush Drill
QCB+KK: Beat Plane
QCF+P+K: Love-Fury-Passion-Energy (Lv.3)




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