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MUGEN Infinite Character Arena Final Version Edition 1.0 & 1.1 640x480

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MUGEN Infinite Character Arena Final Version Edition 1.0 & 1.1 640x480 Thumbs Up

Screen Pack has Intros, Game Over, Credits Ending, Continue Menu, Survived Score,
Screen Pack come with 182 slots, 533 slots, 1662 slots Addon Patches
Screen Pack was remodel from Mugen Open Sources sprite files that I created
Screen Pack has 640x480 resolution for Mugen 1.0 and 1.1

And this be Last Version of Mica Screen pack. Over past 3 years now. I learn a lot about Making Screen Pack.
The First version of Mica screen pack was learning phase as I was learning more about making Screen Pack
The 2nd version of Mica Screen pack was building experiences
This is the Final Version Mica Screen pack come with everything. Im now happy  and I hope everyone is happy for my 3 years experiences
and the hard work I put into this :D
Video Demonstration of MUGEN Infinite Character Arena Final Version Edition

Download located here
M.I.C.A Final Version Edition 1.0

M.I.C.A Final Version Edition 1.1

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Woow, it's a nice screenpack, i love all the colors and effects. Thaks u for shared!! : )




I can tell that you put a lot of effort into this project from the very beginning to now.

Although most of us are on widescreen HD Mugen here, IMO this is definitely one of the best 640x480 screenpacks available for mugen 1.1.

*Great original lifebars
*Great red/blue color design
*Excellent sound effects and bgm choices
*Awesome Intro
*great original round animations
*awesome animated menu/transition screens

The final release is an excellent way to start 2018.

Look forward to more of your work and releases here!




He said a mouth full and right on point. Oldgamer has really, brought something special to the community. Thanks for the share, in 2018.

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