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Azrael (Blazblue CPEX) by Deoxgigas Updated (10/21/2017)

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10/21/2017 Update Notes:

- Azrael now just silently goes charging during Valiant Charger, instead of being all "SYAAH" every time.
- Azrael can now use his Astral Heat without any HP restrictions in his 11p, and can use it 3 times freely in his 12p.
- Added alot of extra dust and rocks and quakes to Azrael's 11p intro.
- Added alot of extra dust and quakes and explosions and roars to Azrael's 12p intro.
- The Phalanx Cannon projectile will now properly explode on contact, rather than only on a successful hit.
- Fixed an animation error of the Phalanx Cannon projectiles for the 1.0 version of Azrael.
- Increased the duration of Azrael's iframes during his Astral Heat, up till he enters his recovery frames.
- AI Modifications.

Download here.

For more specific information, go to author site.

Movelist and specific mechanic information can be found in the readme file Azrael comes with.

Here's some examples of Azrael fighting:

Combo with no Weak Points applied:

The one I'm sure everyone, who knows how Azrael fights, wants to see:

Overdrive into Distortion Drive:

Do note that some parts of the combos have had their speed upped so that they could fit in one Gyazo gif.


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