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Important Information Regarding Your Account

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1 Important Information Regarding Your Account on Sat Oct 21, 2017 1:45 am



Firstly, we'd like to welcome to all new Newagers to our exclusive mugen family.
To old returning members, welcome back!

Since opening our doors to the public in March 2010,
the Newagemugen family grew to over 2,600 registered members worldwide.
8 years later, here we are in 2018 and that number is still rising!

On one hand, we're delighted to see continuing growth in the mugen community,
On the other hand, we are mindful of "how it has" grown, versus "how we want" it to grow.

The Newagemugen vision remains unchanged - to provide a sanctuary,
for the best screenpack, stage and graphic specialists in the mugen community to gather and create.
Point being, we want to ensure our community only continues growing for the "right" reasons.

And now to get directly to the point.
As of 2017, we regularly purge accounts from our database.
Any registered accounts that fit within a certain criteria, will be flagged as inactive or will be instantly deleted.

This does not apply to existing ranked members or staff (obviously lol!)

See inactive account/deletion criteria below.

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Account Deletion Criteria

Accounts will be instantly deleted without any notification/warning email if:

*Account has not been accessed for 999+ days AND has made 0 forum posts.

*New account email confirmation process is left incomplete for 10+ days.

Inactive Account Criteria

Accounts will be flagged as inactive, and a notification email will be sent to the user if:

*Account has not been accessed for 365 days AND has made 0 forum posts

upon receiving a notification email, the user will have 30 days to access his/her account  to remove the inactive flag.
Accounts that still remain inactive after 30 days will be deleted without further notification


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