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Rotten Core Demo

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1Full Game Rotten Core Demo on Mon Oct 02, 2017 12:23 pm

This demo was made in response to team aiduzzi when they started promoting their indiegogo on niichan ,because i knew there was something weird i checked and what they were asking was way too much money for starters,and then there was problems like sprites from commercial games (his chars are frankenstein in other words are mix of several chars in one none of them original) so i made this to show him that what he was doing was easy and the ammount he was requesting was too much after i showed this and pointed some problems like the stolen lifebars he was using from another user of niichan,other problem was the fact that he should have to remake everything from scratch besides niichan users saw the chars he was going to release (he changed the indiegogo and site) and complained to him so his project went anywhere.

Original Site :

Thousands of humans falling over like dominoes... ahhh... that sight was so beautiful! I thought my brain was gonna melt..!
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