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Rare Capcom/SNK Manhua Style UHD Vector Redraws Vol.3 (updated August 2017)

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large image file size warning - click to enlarge
HD Vector Redraws of Capcom/SNK Characters from the strange and epic Taiwanese/Hong Kong Manhua Comics. Very Rare. Some of these characters have never appeared in official Capcom/SNK games yet....

Note: "Manhua" = 漫画 = "Manga" (same Kanji/Hanzi/ Chinese characters meaning comics in Mandarin and Japanese)



Katei Yuga
A gender shifting boss off Samurai 64 Warriors rage that created Shiki - he/she/it is many times stronger than amakusa and zankuro

WangYi /Jawangdao Ken
In the chinese EX2 story, Ken manifests into many versions of the JawangDao which is like satsui hadou but more ancient and more powerful style.
some are evil some good but ths one is where he can summon evil dead spirits from graveyards and to power up into this mode...weird.

Kairi SF EX2

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