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Rare Capcom/SNK Manhua Style UHD Vector Redraws Vol.2 (updated July 2017)

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HD Vector Redraws of Capcom/SNK Characters from the strange and epic Taiwanese/Hong Kong Manhua Comics. Very Rare. Some of these characters have never appeared in official Capcom/SNK games yet....

Note: "Manhua" = 漫画 = "Manga" (same Kanji/Hanzi/ Chinese characters meaning comics in Mandarin and Japanese)

Street Fighter EX2 - Shin Mr Ansatsu (Ken)
Ken Enters a tournament masked under the alias of "Mr Ansatsu". Obviously a reference to Mr Karate?

Saint Ryu SVC
Ryu learns some weird holy style in a temple in order to defeat the main boss in the SF EX2 Story

Mystic Ken SF EX2
In the EX2 story, Ken of the Future is like some sort of hero king saviour with an army in the story...weird.


Kusanagi Ancestor
Kyo's great great great grandfather (apparently stronger than Orochi because he killed him once in the past.) kinda like a jinpachi but of kof story.

Kusanagi Retsuyou
One of Kyos ancient ancestors that fought Orochi.

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updated 11.08.17




Mystic Ken looks like he came out of Jojo study




Still very impressive art work. Look forward to the next batch. pirate

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