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To all those who wanted to be the very best....Like no one ever was...

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Here is the story of a MastAH who wantED two Bee thA very bAST, lIEK no one evA waZ.....

By the time you have read this, I would have already long retired from the Pokemon Go world for eternity.
I have spent 50 years (a month in real time), day and night, grinding, hunting, battling, catching, fapping, in orda to become tha true MASTAH.
I have traveled across all of Europe, The USA and Asia in order to be the very best, like no one ever was....the Powkemon MASTAh

First let me just say that I never actually intended to get on the Pokemon Go bandwagon.
I'm a 90s Kid that was growing out of Pokemon at the time Pokemon Gold and Silver had just released - hence I know fuck all Pokemon LORE outside the first 3 games/mewtwo movie.
Like many of us, especially us active creators in the mugen world, our time is precious. And I dont have the time to commit to more than one hobby at a time - whether its Mugen, a fighting game, or even a netflix series - my time is limited to only one form of digital media related activity at any given time.

But my ass of a friend messaged me this on the day after the launch date of POKEMON GO:

My m8 had figured out how to DL and GPS hack his location to be in Australia(yeah IDK why they got it b4 us), to download and play Pokemon Go on the first world launch date.
He was already spoofing all over Australia from his USA home using a GPS spoofing app called fakeGPS which is installed as a system app via the lucky patcher app on any jail-broken/rooted android device.

This looked like fun I thought, and a week later we were deep deep, down the rabbit hole, obsessed, we needed to catch them all....
The news of the GPS hacking spread like wildfire, so to take it to another level and stay a step ahead, we proceeded to make multiple accounts, 2 for each colored team, this meant that if a rare pokemon appeared, we could catch it up to 6 times, and also we could battle any gym we wanted and take it over no matter what, and vice-versa we could join any gym we wanted - with only 2 goals in mind - earn as many pokecoins as possible, kill everone, catch them all, keep playing even if one account is soft-banned for gps spoofing. And it worked....

The second week in, the game was now launched in US and Europe ETC now and we among all the other HAXS0rs had a head start.
Another PC hack was released, which was a pre-configured Bluestacks/NOX android root apk emulator with PokemonGo preinstalled with a GPS hack that you can use WSAD keys to walk around in, so now we had multiple accounts playing on both PC, and smartphone at the same time, which meant that we could catch even MORE at the same time, and attack gyms and take them over with multiple accounts at the same time, AND have multiple accounts all earning pokecoins at the same time! It was madness, we were addicted, we had to catch them all.

Then third week in, appeared. Now we knew where all the spawn locations were. now we were catching Snorlaxes, Garyados, Dragonites, and all the other OP shit multiple times with multiple accounts, earning multiple pokecoins etc etc etc.
We had at one point 4 Red Gyms, 4 Blue Gyms, 4 Yellow Gyms, each with 2 accounts assigned to each - altogether between the two of us we had 9 accounts - with three being the main accounts with our cp1000+ pokemon, and the others being dummy, or cannon-fodder accounts, with only lvl15ish pokemon around the cp500-800 mark.
We would send the dummy accounts in first to weaken the gyms before we finished them off with our strong shit - destroying a level 9/10 gym full of CP1500-2000 pokemon was like nothing when you have this much power.
The other advantage to this was that by having multiple accounts, you could spoof multiple locations at the same time, and you could also have more storage space for potions etc etc if you think about it. At only lvl 20/21 We literally took over our city.

Then we realised something else, we need a retirement plan, we need a plan b when shit hits the fan to stay we started using our gps to crawl around the world, uninhabited locations, unnamed roads on gps locations, regional parks and world heritage locations, conservation centers, placed without public access....why? we found undiscovered gyms to put our pokemon on, that nobody had discovered yet, or would even bother to, so we could maximize our daily revenue...

I was longer merely "playing" Pokemon Go......
I WAS Pokemon Go.

But then I started to realise, what is the end game? now I have 3 strong accounts at lvl20, I have 50ish strong and rare pokemon on each account, with the weakest ones at 600ishcp and strongest at 1800+cp, I have 3 Dragonites, 6 Garyadoses, and god knows what else, I have caught all the region locked pokemon - Mr Mime x 3 in the UK, KanghasKhanx3 in Australia, Farfetchd in Japan, and Tauros of course from the USA. Now what?

Then i realised that there are other Hax0rs already on lvl 25/26/28, sharing accounts with their m8s in other timezones to play single accounts 24 hours around the clock non-stop.
Their weakest pokemon at lvl 26 are sitting at cp1400, and strongest are up to the cp3000+ mark, and to get to that level, required more mathamatical madness, like timing your evolutions with the use of your lucky eggs, to get the maximum number of 1000xp x 2 evolutions within 30 minutes....there are now websites like pidgeygrind, or pidgey calc, used to calculate the exact number of candies and non-transfered pokemon needed to gain a certain ammount of xp via evolving them at 30secs time each over the lucky egg duration time.

Tomorrow, the gyms we took over with our lvl21 Cp1800 pokemens, will be taken over by some other hax0rs at lvl22 CP1900, and it will go on, and on, and on....and even though we had multiple accounts, which still made us 3 times stronger than anyone even at 4 levels higher, to maintain them all and continue gaining XP, and then having to catch shit all over again when the Gen 2 pokemon are released.....

We realized that if we were ever going to be true MASTAHS, we needed something darker, more powerful, more extreme......we needed to reach a higher level, and then at that moment...on a deep web forum that shall not be named, the dark lord of evil powkehmens answered us....we found another level of extremities to ascend to when it was reported that someone had reached the final level40 cap via bot hacks....this was the final state of our Evolution....BOTTING

This had gone too far, we had multiple accounts with cp3000+ level undefeatable pokemon bullying every gym in our city that nobody could matter how hard they tried, we could auto-bot them out of the gyms and reclaim them without even touching the goddamn game....what is even the point now!?
The god complex was wearing off, we had found god, figured out he was a pokemon.......and he was not immortal....we could kill him....and once you have killed do not become a become nothing...and i started to forget why i even started playing this crap in the first place....

And then I realized....this was all an infinite state loop trap....I was not catching pokemon at all....I WAS the Pokemon and I WAS already CAUGHT

In summary, the game is meant to be just a fun social interactive augmented reality experience, and is in no way comparable to the canon pokemon series. It was not designed to be played in the way that arguably 40 percent of players are reportedly now playing it - thats right - it is speculated that atleast , or up to 40percent of players are using either pokevision or GPS spoofing, or PC emulators to play the game.

By the time I am writing this, the BOTTING methods have probably already surfaced from the deep web into the worldwide web and everyone will be doing it.

But if you are already deep in, and you wanna really be a serious mastah, take my advice. STOP NOW.

If you cant take that advice, then the only advice i can give is that you are considering actually "seriously" playing this game, without GPS spoofing, using pokevision location revealers, or auto farming with bots etc, then don't even bother trying to actually "play" the game until you reach level 20.

By this, I mean don't bother looking for gyms to fight, don't bother using lucky eggs, don't bother evolving ANY pokemon. and whatever you do, DONT use ANY stardust until you reach atleast lvl 25.

You are going to need all the lucky eggs and stardust and evolutions you can get your hands on by the time you reach lvl 20 if you want to progress up the levels.

That little lvl450 evee that you thought was strong when you were lvl 17 will be a fart that you wish you didnt evolve when you start catching lvl 700-800 ones at lvl 25/26.

LVL 20 is now like the new LVL1. A lvl1700 Vaporeon is about the strongest thing that a non-cheating/gps spoofing player is going to have by the time they reach lvl 17-20, and every gym is just raped full of dragonites, evee evolutions, garyadoses and arcanines, not to mention a few others like eggxecutor.
In conclusion. We took this game to the extreme, we reached the ultimate plateau obtainable outside of capturing ditto, the three legendary bitds and the 2 mewtwos. if we kept going, god knows what we would have ascended to next.....the next level would be something like generating custom models and putting digimon and DBZ character models into the game.....IT DOESN"T STOP......we were 9 accounts at lvl 40 with unstoppable satan like power....but all for nothing.

This game is worse than angry birds cosplayers, mixed with Weabooo waifu pillow porn, vocaloid concerts and DBZ vs SF hentai porn. I wasted 3 weeks of my precious life on it so you wont have to....and i lived to tell the tale.

That CP9999 Magmar may have u lookin Hot,,,,just dont get burnt by the flames......Morgan Freeman, Thebes, Egypt 500BC

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@MugenJin wrote:tryhard

Lol like collecting rare chars right Mugenman2? Hint hint. Lol.

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@NewagePolice wrote:
@MugenJin wrote:tryhard

Lol like collecting rare chars right Mugenman2? Hint hint. Lol.

lmao, just like being a tryhard mugenmason322?

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Guys stay in topic this is a pokemon thread. Youll both get a permaban bringing that MFG drama here.
You can rant about your life dramas here:

Now, more IMportantly:

Rare Mugen 1.1 Stages - Rare UHD Fighting Game Art - Rare Music Vidz..
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@Phant0mD wrote:Guys stay in topic this is a pokemon thread. Youll both get a permaban bringing that MFG drama here.
You can rant about your life dramas here:

Now, more IMportantly:

you're correct nvm

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