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Dat behind Dat behind Dat behind Dat behind Dat behind Ok......:PokeRaep: :PokeRaep: :PokeRaep: :PokeRaep: :PokeRaep: GT KERMIT GT KERMIT
I don't think I need to xplain what this iz.
I dont think I need 2 explain wat it do.
u allrememba wot happened RITE HEA

Well lord Black 666 Lucifer Jesus has declaired it is time again for earth to find the next LYRICAL FATHER.

U know the rules - THERE ARE NONE
Well just one - SPIT SUM FIRE and try become tha next lyrical FATHER!
I'll start

I woke up in tha mornin and I clocked tekken 8
Then I clocked FF7 in just 1 hour, it waz gr8
I played sum COD and I sed u wot m8?
Then I sold sum hentai on tha street 2 get food on ma pl8

I drove out 2 texas
to chill with alexlexus
He gave me his gouken edit so I punched his solarplexus
I straightened out ma hair and I chilled with mugenlord
Then I cosplayed with ma dick, coz it looks like cloudz busta sword

ComE AT MEH!!!!




nobody ever rapped me back in this thread
becoz this site 2 years ago was dead
or waz it just becoz Watta wets his bed?
No, i think its coz my dikz bigger than yur head

2 months ago I clocked Arkham knight
that game is old as fukk, put on PC its tight
it took me all year just to clock it on hard
now i hate the fukking game and feel like a retard


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