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1 IM MAKING A GAME! EXTREMELY SLOWLY! on Tue Oct 06, 2015 5:55 am

So i wrote mad shit before and hit backspace outside the text box and now its all gone orz

Let's try this again............

blah blah blah I'm making a fighting game. takes place in a futuristic setting and im aiming for quality. Like a good/decent story, character relationships i can build up in sequels and shit. just a fun experience like old school fighters (NOT SUPER OLD SCHOOL THAT SHIT IS BORING AF)
Uhm, currently because I have literally no time to learn 3D modelling, im gonna make it 2D. IDK if i'll go hires on the sprites.....i haven't tried spriting that large but I may need to if i want to sell this on console platforms.

Music-wise, I have a person with experience I reached out too. I know he can't/won't do it for free but I just want to see if he'd do it at all (I think he's working on his third game?).

As mentioned in the title, I will probably work on this insanely slow. I just lack certain skills/resources. Maybe down the line I can find some people to join me, but I need to think of everything ahead of time, or get a prototype out there idk. The engine I'm using is still in dev anyway so who knows how things can change once he adds new features to it.
I get to have input though! so maybe it'll be in my favor in that regard.

I have no idea how environment art is getting done, though I have a few people I can reach out to like Anti, or some IRL friends. I guess I could bribe them to do character art time I guess.

Soooooooooooooooooo right now I'm just trying to come up with general character concepts (design and tech/fighting style). AZ gave me one to work with, and idk if others will be similar or not. I have something in mind but I gotta sprite it up......

And thats basically it.

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