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[Exclusive NAM] Hephaistos31's portraits for Hungry Wolf's Rebirth

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Cheesin Cheesin
Cheesin Cheesin Cheesin

Hello guys,
Here is an exclusive preview of my set of portraits for Hungry Wolf's Rebirth.
I'll not show them everywhere else, well until Hungry Wolf release the SP, then I'll host them on my website.

I bring your attention on 4 points:
- ALL THE PICTURES WERE REMADE FROM SCRATCH. I'm revamping the raw renders to bring them at my quality standard (with various results sometimes).
- This time I'm working on FULL SETS. This is a whole new level of crazyness. You liked what I've made for WarZone? Kid. Seat back and Enjoy.
- Some special huge epic stuff that will be unleashed when the time will come with great partnership with highly skilled members of the community.
- Thanks for people that sent me artworks (Hungry Wolf mate I don't know how where you get those arts) and to special people, you know who you are. headbang

Something that I put on attention here: The lifebars aren't done yet and small portraits are subject to change on the SP, so they are not created right now (plus, I'm not sure I'll work on small portraits, Hungry Wolf usually get results that are better than mine 90% of time: I have to take decision).

Yes, yes I've heard you, "stop talk stupid cunt Angry "

Colors may change on the final result.
I don't give permission to post my work in another place by anyone. Please respect my decision. :Sponge:

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Woah, heph is back hahahaha

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Yeah Watta! :)
I'm slowly getting a great amount of sets done and it's turning really great. :)

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Portraits for mugen are often quite underrated. Believe me when I say that I know how long it takes to make a good set :D

And for your exclusive contribution, I must say thank you :ILU:

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Well as I'm revamping each art from scratch, it can takes 1 to 5-6 hours for 1 picture.
Some go to trash cause it doesn't meet my quality minimum.

For the exclusive contribution, I think this is a good idea, yeah. :cheers:
Thumbs Up

After that, it's me, I mean that when I see portraits totally distorded, blurry and stuff I just can't use it and play with the character.

Tomorrow I'll post another set! :Enjoyment:

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I hope you don't mind me asking, but how do you "revamp" your images? And what do you mean by "revamp"?

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Of course I don't mind, Markpachi.
In fact, I think that I'm doing what Daruminati (Phantom D) was doing with his remaster, The final result is highly close.
I'm doing vectors from existing pictures, so basically I select artworks, recreate all the areas with flat colors, and this is separated by black lines. + some re-scale process that makes me able to get huge resolutions. Twisted Evil

So it's more a remaster, as I'm starting with existing pictures.
The most epic part of it, is... That those arts are 1.0 compatible without any colorloss for indexation.
It's funny because 1.1 saved me trouble a long time ago with some arts that I was unable to convert for obvious colorloss reason, and now 1.1 is here and I'm working with this technic that can convert pictures in a style that totally match 1.0 standard. :cornette:

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Yo, you're doing the community a big favor by making those remasters. I highly suggest starting off with the Street Fighter cast first since they're the most common in this community. Good luck to you, buddy.

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By Street Fighter, you are saying something like that, Markpachi?  :mcmahon:

And the next one is one of my FAVORITE. I wanted this set A LONG TIME ago and now I finally did it.

So if you want to know more precisely what to expect...
I REALLY love Infinite/POTS Style chars.  :Sponge: So expect me to cover a huge range of those chars....

Thank you for your words, Markpachi. It means a lot for me.
If you like Rebirth, if you use my portraits and at the end if you say "yes, there is a before /after Heph work in term of portraits", then I'll totally reach my goal. Ambitious, but it is my goal.

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Rebirth is truly an amazing screenpack and i really didn't know where to begin with portraits. Knowing you and I use a lot of the same characters I think you're going to make a majority of what i want anyways. Twisted Evil


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Don't worry, Mr. N.A.M. xD

Oh, guys I have an interesting question:
Do you like Karate? Cheesin

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Oh Shit!
A Wild Fei-Long just appeared!

Screenpack by Hungry Wolf, of course all credits to him for it. Cheesin (still beta, but already insane).

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