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Age of Evangelion by Watta&MarkPachi [640x480][1.1]

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Age of Evangelion

-Originally started by Markpachi but then revamped by me. Markpachi died quit mugen so I'm going to finish our collaborations for him :) -


-No Zoom (will be implemented in update)-
-For 1.1 only-



-HUGE thanks to Margatroid for making the amazing Berserk Eva-01 animation for me. God bless you mate :)
-Thanks to the NewageMugen community for their help over the last 2 years and their never ending feedback
-Thanks to GLB for teaching me almost everything I know about mugen.
-Thanks to Markpachi and Genesis for being my mugen bro's
-Thanks to you for downloading this stage

-This versions is 1.1 exclusive but I might go ahead and make another version for 1.0 which excludes the transition; this is all depending on the reception I get for this stage.
-Expect an update soon for coding related fixes, I might not make any changes to the SFF since it takes forever to upload 35 MB with my slow internet
-This stage should easily support other localcoords, just change the localcoord to whatever you want and the bounds should be something close to 100/-100 if you're aiming for widescreen.


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from mfg:

It really does make me happy to see this, it also makes me happy to see MP even if he was informed to come here prior to showing up. I'm glad you no longer lack motivation, and I'm glad that you're finishing up your WIPS, it really does mean a lot to me (yeah, yeah i know it's just the net blah blah blah lol.)

I wish I could run 1.1, I gave it a shot and no cigar still. :(

That being said, come on 30+ !!! lol. But nah, from testing back in the day I already know this is probably a work of art. You're the Daniel to my Mr. Miyagi, son.

I hope to see more stuff from you, you can make some super godly stages in the very near future I know it.


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Video added

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Thanks to the kindness of Margatroid who has offered to make the berserk animation again, I will probably update the 1.1 with a much more blended version of the berserk animation. This will be a good update :)
NoZ also made some codes for the zoom so I will probably add that too

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Sounds, good. Glad to see everyone's helping out on this masterpiece.

Do you still plan a 1.0 ver?


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Yes, I got 40+ votes "yes" for the 1.0 version so I'm going to be converting it soon.

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