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Display pictures in intro without blur?

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1 Display pictures in intro without blur? on Thu Jun 05, 2014 8:18 am


Hi guys!
So i'm making a system for intro, in the style of what Loganir made previously.
I want to use them for the upcoming Hungry Wolf's Rebirth screenpack, it is 720p.
If I take the example of the Marvel Logo, it appears blurry.
The original picture was 320x240, and it was blurry ingame. So I made one 640 x 480 logo, but Mugen displays the picture zoomed.

640 x 480 picture

Ingame 720p resolution,ingame.

Code for intro.def (Loganir's code):

spr = int-end.sff
startscene = 0         ;Starting scene number (for debugging)

[Scene 0] ;--------- background
clearcolor = 0,0,0
; Music
; Total time
end.time =50

[Scene 1] ;--------- winmugen music fix?
fadein.time = 60       ;Time to take for fading in
fadein.col = 0,0,0
;fadeout.time = 30
;fadeout.col = 255,255,255
; Screen color
clearcolor = 0,0,0
; Overlay Anims (from 0 to 9)
layerall.pos = 0,0   ;Default position for all layers
layer0.anim =  0       ;Anim action number
layer0.offset = 0,0   ;Position offset
layer0.starttime = 0   ;Time to start display
layer1.anim =  1;-------------------------------------------------disclaimer
layer1.offset = 0,0
layer1.starttime = 0  
bgm = in.mp3        ;Name of music file to play
bgm.loop = 1
; Total time
end.time =100

The fact is that I was thinking the original picture too tiny, so the resizing process made blur when it's diplayed (like for portraits, for example).
I don't know if I can fix it in the code?
I got the same issue with a custom move list, that is displayed just after the Marvel logo.. Resolution exactly as Loganir's one: 320x836

It's displayed with a good blur too.

Thx for your help, guys ! :)

2 Re: Display pictures in intro without blur? on Thu Jun 05, 2014 6:57 pm



it looks like loocalcord issues


3 Re: Display pictures in intro without blur? on Thu Jun 05, 2014 7:11 pm



I said the same thing to him over at MFG.
It's most likely do to the characters localcord.


4 Re: Display pictures in intro without blur? on Thu Jun 05, 2014 7:14 pm



i can't think of any other reason it'd display that way. are you sure your loocalcord settings are correct?


5 Re: Display pictures in intro without blur? on Thu Jun 05, 2014 7:54 pm



Yep it was a local cord thing, Heph sent me a test of the intro and he missed a line.
This one:

Localcoord = 640x480



6 Re: Display pictures in intro without blur? on Fri Jun 06, 2014 2:35 am


G, Hungry Wolf!!
Thank for your great help, men!!
Indeed, the problem of the "zoomed" marvel logo is fixed. And I think the blur isssue is fixed.

So all the other sprites are displaying in a wrong way, now.
For the portrait it's not a problem, but for the move list.. Plus, it's still blurry.

So I was afraid for it,but here is the reality: If I want quality (and believe me I want it) and no blur in the movelist, I have to remake my template again. Fuck.

2 Questions, now:

1/ If I put localcoord = 1280x720 (the 720p resolution of the screenpack), and I remade the marvel logo at this resolution, with a picture 1280x720, I will get 0 blur on this logo picture ingame?
EDIT: THE ANSWER IS YES.  Thumbs Up It's completely awesome now. Nervous 

2/ For the new template, with localcoord=1280,720: what is the size of picture (template) I should use, guys?
EDIT: I will try stuff, but if you got an idea don't hesitate to share it with me. I'll win time.  :Enjoyment: 
EDIT2: I'm on my way with a 640x1632 pixel resolution. It's pretty great ingame. No blur, Half screen sheet. I'm adding stuff right now!

Men. When I'll be done, if you want this template, just tell me by PM. I really want to be proud of it.

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