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VS Style Dee Jay By ShinZankuro (4/13/14)

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11.0/older characters VS Style Dee Jay By ShinZankuro (4/13/14) on Sun Apr 13, 2014 10:04 pm



ShinZankuro wrote:IMPORTANT POINT: This is my first time I'm coding chains and air combos! I'm based on old Beximus Karin to make this functional.
IMPORTANT POINT 2: This is obviously the first version, and I will send to Gknux19 to fix combo codings. If you see bugs, I think you are warned xD
IMPORTANT POINT 4: Because of I.P.3 here, I will make a move guild image later.

Yay, after appeared in VARIOUS Street Fighter games, Dee Jay finally can appear with more Rythm :D

In Vs. Style!!

More info/download:


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