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Cyberia 8 [1.1 - 1280x720] Screenpack [Will Take Port Requests]

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Yep, SP uploaded, had a fiasco with the creator but I guess releasing here is fine. As I said, I'm only releasing it here and maybe Newage. Enjoy.

Here are some screenshots of the SP In Action:

Video In Action:

I will take port requests, though that will require some time. I will take maximum of 3 port requests at once. List only 1-2 character names, don't go over your limit. Once it's your turn again, you can repeat the request.

SP Download:

(MEGA) DOWNLOAD:!TF90DC5S!v2JcU47DZ4dUpG40SEIl8fWX-6uwfFUb1G9kOkn3uxA


Info about the portraits:
The templates are made for characters that use the localcoord = 426.66,320.25 for characters that normally use the 320,240 localcoord.

Any character that uses the 640,480 localcoord should use 850,480

So if the localcoord is 850,480 (when it is 640,480 or my OMK chars that are already 850,480), make the templates 2x larger. Canvas size = 200% increase - then make ports from there.

IMPORTANT - the position of the portrait should be 0,-90 for the lifebar port for 850,480 localcoord characters.

Characters with 426.66,320.25 localcoord should use 0,-45 for the lifebar portrait.

Every other portrait that is not the lifebar is positioned 0,0 at the SFF.

You can check my example characters in the list (They're Daniel's characters btw =P).

PLEASE CHECK PORT TEMPLATE FOLDER BEFORE REQUESTING PORTS (I don't want to do duplicate port requests).






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Wow, this looks great! Amazing release, SX!

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Thanks guys, appreciate it. Give feedback if possible =)

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I must say this is by far the best screenpack Ive ever seen since Cyberia 7 and WarZoNe.
Thank you very much!
Btw, how come the P2 name is a little to the left? shouldnt that be like the P1 name or?

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O.M.G. Those lifebars  Dat behind 

They are to die for.

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