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Davismaximus's Stage WIPS - Bioshock Infinite Stuff

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Hi there, here's some of the crap I've been dicking around with.

Concept 1:

I like the way this turned out after merging all of the pics, reminds me of the SF3 stages with the fisheye-type lens look.  I still need to cut out the sky and set it to different deltas, very early stages.

Concept 2:

This one looks pretty, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to cut around all the trees and still make it look good.  This may end up being a single layer stage, but I'll see if I can do some trickery to make it work.

Concept 3:

This is the only one currently running in Mugen.  The Background is currently cut out and on a different delta, but it will probably change, and I'll have some of the buildings in the back on different deltas as well.  All of these stages will have that floaty effect like my Dr. Wily stage, and all of the background buildings will float up and down as well.

That's about it for now, let me know what you think and all that jazz.

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I like all 3 of them, I do agree the first looks like an SF3 stage, has that Dudley feel to it.

For the second, it'll prob have to be one layer? It'd probably still look good as long as there's something else going on, cutting around trees/vegetation like that can be very tedious.

For the third, I can already tell it'll be nice, the delta separation on it should be pretty.

Can't wait to test these out even though I'm not familiar with Bioshock Infinite.


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Dayum bro. I don't see any colorloss. Is this on 1.1 or 1.0?

I think concepts 2 and 3 would work best in mugen.

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davismaximus wrote:Hi there, here's some of the crap I've been dicking around with.

This first stage does have a SF3 feel to it
I love the style of this one, looking forward to you stages Davis!
Good Luck!

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These look pretty damn good.
Is that the warp tool being used for the perspective?

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Thanks guys, appreciate it!

These are in 1.0, there is a little color loss, but it's mostly negligible.  RGB all day.

I'm working on concept 2 right now, I gave the floor parallax to help give it some depth.  I'll cut around the center statue and get some animated dust behind it as well.

No warp tool, I'm using the Photomerge setting in Photoshop. I'll take 3-6 pictures of the scene and merge them. The perspective is the result of the camera moving left, right, up, and down I'd guess.

I really wish you could put your gun away in this game, as there are some amazing set pieces that would make great stages.  I figured out how to "remove" the HUD, but not much I can do about having the gun in the way.

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Oh right, that thing. I never really understood how to use that properly so i stopped touching it.

Parallax eh? I'm even more interested in these now.

Shouldnt there be a way to modify the model used for the gun? liike swap it with a much smaller model? then you could make it "disappear"
then again idk how far mods are for the game nor exactly the technical stuff behind it, but just an idea.

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Yeah, you can get some pretty funky shit with Photomerge if the images aren't set up properly.  About the gun thing...I don't know too much about modding shit like that, I just haven't been able to find anything worthwhile on the Googles.

Anyways,here's the second concept stage if anyone would like to check it out.  Let me know if there's anything worth adding/removing/changing.

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Oh my god, Bioshock Infinte. Davis, I love you, man. No homo though.

I'm curious on how you'll animate the 3rd Concept. headbang 

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davismaximus wrote:
that'd be pretty cool but of course the floor is affected

I merged a roof with water once accidentally......didnt make much sense but it looked ok

davismaximus wrote:About the gun thing...I don't know too much about modding shit like that, I just haven't been able to find anything worthwhile on the Googles.
You'd prob have to find a modding community and ask how could it be done.

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I tried it out.

I really like that you parallaxed the floor and added some elements to the stage to give it flow without there being much delta separation. It's a great stage and will definetly be added to my mugen when it's in final form.

The only thing that really bugs me is the light anim, it's a great idea but as it stand right now it clashes IMO.


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Where are the hentai stages???  crying 

Nice concepts and very worked ones it seems you have more of 30 layers on those Photoshop screencaps.

Oh my that parallax i may bug you a bit latter (Very Way latter)

[MyDeviantArt] [MyYoutube]
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G wrote:
The only thing that really bugs me is the light anim, it's a great idea but as it stand right now it clashes IMO.

How about something a little more subtle?

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Much better, it gives the illusion as if it's coming through the trees rather than just floating over them.


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You've always had the best parallax's in mugen IMO. You should write a tutorial. The one in my stage WIP sucks

Some feedback...

-That parallax is godly. Teach me to parallax :')
-In the red part, the dust suddenly just kinda stops, seems a bit abrupt. Shouldn't it be fading off towards the left?

-In the green part, I think it seems a bit bare, but that could just be me being a retard.
-Maybe some light rays on this side too?
-I like your newer, more subtle light rays better.

Nice stage, it feels really cool just looking at it. That bgm is also very interesting too :)

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Thanks Watta, but I think EX has me easily beat on the parallax front, take a look at his new Industrial stage, and his older Slums one as well.  However, if you do have any questions about it, feel free to ask.

-Yeah, the dust kinda stops behind that post, but I thought it was subtle enough to not be noticeable.  I may go back and find a more suitable dust anim, we'll see if it's worth it.
-I was planning on adding some butterflies to the stage, fluttering around the bushes, so those should add some life to the emptier spots.
-I'll see what it looks like with some more light rays, although I dunno if it really makes sense having the sun coming down at two different angles.
-Thanks, and the BGM is from the game itself, titled Battle for Columbia I.

Before I forget, here's the latest video, forgot to post it here:

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