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Rank/Title Explanation.

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1 Rank/Title Explanation. on Tue Feb 11, 2014 6:38 pm



Founders: These members founded and created Newage Mugen.

Administrators: These members take care of the forum and do all main moderation/decision making. It is their responsibility to make sure the forum is properly updated/taken care of.

VIP: These members are usually retired staff/trusted long time members. People that have helped the forum in many ways, people we respect and appreciate. They have access to all private boards, as do all ranks above.

Contributor: Members that have demonstrated they have knowledge of the Mugen code, or have contributed something useful to the forum.

Regular Ranks:
New: 1-100 posts.
Junior: 100-300 posts.
Senior: 300-1000 posts.
Elite: 1000-6000 posts.
Veteran - 6000 posts and on.

Founders: GLB, Grayfox
Administrators: GLB, Genesis, NAMTron, Zeroz, Az (inactive), Watta



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