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Newagemugen Ranking Guide (Updated 31.07.18)

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1 Newagemugen Ranking Guide (Updated 31.07.18) on Tue Feb 11, 2014 6:38 pm



Founders: The Gods, Founders and owners of NewageMugen.

Administrators: The guardians of Newagemugen.
The staff responsible for all moderation/decision making. It is their responsibility to make sure the forum is properly updated/taken care of.
Administrators answer only to the Founders.

VIP: (DEPRECATED) These members are usually retired staff/trusted long time members.
People that have helped the forum in many ways, people we respect and appreciate.
They have access to private boards not available to lower ranked members.

Contributor: (DEPRECATED) Members that have demonstrated they have knowledge of the Mugen code, or have contributed something useful to the forum.
These members have special privileges, such as their own private release threads, and promotional rights.

Toadstool: Long time forum Members that log in frequently but never participate or contribute. In other words, super lurkers.
In nature, real Toadstools are kept in the dark. You don't want to get stuck in this group......

Newagemugen has a diverse ranking system - Higher ranks unlock secrets, special privileges, and hidden forum access.
The Newagemugen Ranks are divided into 8 Tiers or "classes". The higher the rank reached, the more access to our forums you will have.
More information on the mysterious Newagemugen ranking system will be available in the future, but for now, all we can say is, contribute, participate, and watch your rank rise....

Rank Classes:

Tier 1 - Prospect Class

Tier2 - Warrior Class

Tier3 - (Secret)

Tier4 - (Secret)

Tier4 - (Secret)

Tier5 - (Secret)

Tier6 - (Secret)

Tier7 - (Top Secret)

Tier8 - (Top Secret)

Founders: GLB, Grayfox
Administrators: GLB/G, NAMTron, Genesis/Demitri





Ranking System updated August 2018. See OP above.


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