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some problems on JnP's MBAA stage sprite rips

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1 some problems on JnP's MBAA stage sprite rips on Tue Sep 24, 2013 10:37 am

sup guys i got problem in the middle of my stage making

well some of the parts of his mbaa sprites are small (256x256) and (128x256) specially on the upper parts when i try resize them same as the lower parts (512x512) and (256x512) i didn't includes the props yet (but i suspect that some of them are small too) after resizing well it went pretty bad it ended like this picture

also the colors of some parts to the stages if i turn them into 8bits well they turned into ugly looking sprites (as you can see on that pic)

any solutions on that

well i been troubled that crap like 2 days ago

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Perhaps they're too odd looking because you have to tweeak the deltas a bit more? I have no idea tbh, I've never made source orignal stuff before though. Diss might know since he used those sprite rips a few time iirc.

One thing you could try is setting the image to Smart Image in Photoshop and then enlargen it. It might help

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You could also try contacting JnP about that.

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@watta well i didn't change the delta i just made them delta = 2,2

if diss release a new melty blood stage rips i would be hell happy for that

also no skills on editing stuffs

i will but not now

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Just go with the MBAC rips of those. You can find them at Melty Bread. As for the MBAA rips, hopefully someone has ripped the MBAACC versions.


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link please of mbac

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