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Bootleg Wars v3.0 Released by DuckSS (9/1/13)

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1Full Game Bootleg Wars v3.0 Released by DuckSS (9/1/13) on Sun Sep 15, 2013 11:26 am



DuckSS wrote:hello again!
I will like to see how happy are you?
I finished bootleg wars!
so what's new?
-new chalengers
-new lifebars
-no more super atacks,it's only specials
-more stages
-screenpack is updates and so on!


More info:

DuckSS wrote:credits:
fceux,nestopia,vnes,nesterj - I have riped all things from roms with this emulators
@Erroratu: - for some portrains
@KingPepe2010: - for press start fonts
basara kun - for other press start fonts
and you for download!
please enjoy the game!


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