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SBX Suriagehara No Tatakai (update)

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11.0/Older LR stage SBX Suriagehara No Tatakai (update) on Thu Aug 08, 2013 10:14 am



well guys just tell me whats wrong and what i need to fix (since im newbie on fixing stuffs)

stage update : some little adjustments

my other stage...

21.0/Older LR stage Re: SBX Suriagehara No Tatakai (update) on Fri Aug 09, 2013 12:05 pm



The first stage I gave feedback on @ MFFA as you already know

Copy/Paste From MFFA for those wondering wrote:
-With Stages, use underscores instead of spaces in the .def name(personally I'd do it for the sff name too)
So rename SBX - Suriagehara No Tatakai.def to SBX_-_Suriagehara_No_Tatakai.def

The reason being, people will have an issue assigning stages to characters due to how mugen reads stuff.

- I would bring the characters down a few pixels (like 2 or 3), they feel a bit too high up on the floor.

- I'm not sure how they were in the SBX, but the animations feel too slow to me. Even if you decide to leave the fire anim alone, those banners/flags need to be sped up.

-Just being a little OCD, put your name in quotes ("Wargame") after author =
Same thing applies on the second stage about the underscores and author name

I can't give too much feedback on the second stage seeing how the sprites are (leaving little room for depth) but looking in def i noticed some stuff

[BG 05]
type        = Normal    
spriteNo    = 0,2      
layerNo     = 1        
start       = -1,-1    
delta       = 2,2  
trans       = None      
mask        = 1        
tile        = 0,0      
tilespacing = 0,0      
ActionNo    = 0
velocity    = 0,0    
The type is normal not anim so it doesn't need a actionno (you do this all over the def)
Vice versa with anims and spriteno (however i do remember seeing this done in some stages so im unsure if its used for something more advanced)

I would also delete the trans,tile,tilespacing,and velocity lines since they are all the default values(mugen will just use those if nothing is specified)


31.0/Older LR stage Re: SBX Suriagehara No Tatakai (update) on Fri Aug 09, 2013 9:54 pm




41.0/Older LR stage Re: SBX Suriagehara No Tatakai (update) on Sat Aug 10, 2013 12:25 pm



SBX Surigehara Stage Feedback:

- Bgm volume at 60? That's offly low. It goes to 255.
- Trans layers are useless when not using them, they can be removed.
- Spaces in the file names like Gen mentioned.
- Zoffset adjustment (like Gen mentioned) would be nice, they're offly high up.
- Couldn't confirm any sprite errors like uncropped sprites because it doesn't open with FFC and I don't use the new Fighter Factory's.


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