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Мой Мир (My World)

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11.0/Older LR stage Мой Мир (My World) on Sun Jun 23, 2013 3:49 pm





This is my entry for the 2013 Stage Competition.


-- Moy Mir's README --

-- Info --
Name: Moy Mir (My World)
Author: Alexei Roschak
Version Date: 6/23/2013
Mugen Version: 1.0
Source: None (Original)
Description: This stage is based off of a dream I had while ago. The details were prominent enough for me to remember and I did, quite clearly.
The dream is as follows:

I was walking upstairs to me room, located on the second floor of the house in which I currently reside. I opened the door to my room
and everything was normal until I stepped in. As soon as I did, the world started to change. I was no longer in my room. An expansion
started happening and shapes forming. I realized, that after the transformation of my surroundings had finished, that I was standing
underneath a huge dome. Black in color, engulfed in black flames at the base and what looked like the silhouettes of amorphous blobs
beyond the fire. The ground was dark, but felt like the texture of dirt. As I analyzed my new surroundings, I felt the darkness surrounding me.
There was no light to be seen until I walked a bit forward. In, what I believe was the center, stood a mirror, large in size and without reflection.
Emerging from the mirror as a thin beam of light that spread near the end, towards the ground, creating a cone-like shape. The beam created a circle
on the ground that seemed just wide enough for me to stand in. I approached it and stood in the circle. Up until this point, the world was seen
in a 1st person view, through my eyes. However, as soon as I stepped into that circle, I could see myself from above. As if I was a spectator, watching
myself. The angle was just enough to see me, looking at the light circle on the ground but behind the mirror, having only the back viewable.
I watched myself slowly look up into the mirror and then suddenly, it shattered. No sound. No emotion. The glass shards fell to the ground and I woke up.

Now, this dream is open to interpretation of course. I know my own. It's very interesting and it means a lot to me, in a way that I am not yet
certain. The stage, Moy Mir, is my interpretation of what was happening outside of the dome. What the world looked like outside of the safety of
this dome. Various elements from the dream have been incorporated, as well as some other things to keep it interesting.

-- Installation --
Installation is simple. Make sure you put the "MoiMir.def" and "MoiMir.sff" files into your mugen installation's "stages" folder.
Put the "MoiMirShatter.mp3" into your "sound" folder. After that, add it to your motif's "select.def" and enjoy.

-- Known Issues --
Any character that has a move or intro that pauses either the background or music of the stage, will "desync" the music and the stage. This is
a flaw in mugen and cannot be avoided without custom coding within a character. This is not something I am a fan of, and chose to do it this way
as a result.


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21.0/Older LR stage Re: Мой Мир (My World) on Sun Jun 23, 2013 4:00 pm



I must say just by the sshot look amazing imo..


31.0/Older LR stage Re: Мой Мир (My World) on Sun Jun 23, 2013 4:25 pm



Thanks man!


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