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Your Unfinished/Unreleased Mugen Works

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1 Your Unfinished/Unreleased Mugen Works on Sun Jun 02, 2013 4:46 pm



There are Mugen creations out there that do get released, but what about the creations that were unable to be released? Post your unreleased works that never saw the light of day in Mugen.

Melty Blood Actress Again: Current Code + Lifebar (Winmugen Plus) (Unreleased)

The project began in 2009. Originally it was Melty Blood Actress Again but when Current Code was announced in the arcades, I went back redoing the whole thing. One day I met up with an individual named JustinNanaya and ended up being a helping hand to the project. By the time JustinNanaya disappeared, there was no reason for me to continue on it and so, chances on continuing on the screenpack are dead. I went on focusing on creating another lifebar which was soon to be Hatsune Miku: Project MUGEN S.P.

Death Village (Winmugen Plus) (Unreleased)

Death Village started around 2010 and the very first stage I've tried to create a transition effect from day to night. Originally I was going to enter it in one of EXShadow's stage competitions but due to having a difficult time back then with finishing up the stage, it never had the chance.

Street (Winmugen Plus) (Unreleased)

Shortly after the release of Intersecting Crossroads back in 2009, I was working on Street for a short time. However, originally the image was 640x480 but I resized it to 800x600. In the end, it wasn't looking pretty, nor it had any quality. Vaulted Street would be the victor.

Moonlight Castle (Winmugen Plus) (Unreleased)

Back in 2011, I've received this from a user named Zetsubou, who wanted me to complete this stage for him. A few days later, he wanted out of the project and never returned back. By the time Darek released his version, I cancelled mine and went on focusing on the Miku screenpack instead.

Hatsune Miku: Project MUGEN S.P. (Winmugen Plus) (Unreleased)

In 2010, a user named QuickSilver wanted to collaborate on working on the screenpack. He developed half of the screenpack as I did my part. Only normal portraits would be used instead of custom. But when my interest on Winmugen Plus was coming to an end and began my interest in 1.0. The project was moved. Quicksilver was gone and I was working on the screenpack alone.

Hatsune Miku: Project MUGEN S.P. (1280x720 Version) (MUGEN 1.0) (Unreleased)

After the Winmugen Plus version was sent back to the drawing board and the release of the lifebars, I moved to 1.0 and began redoing the screenpack. I had in mind of an HD version at the time. Development on this version however didn't go very far due to 1.0 users being interested in 640x480 resolution screenpacks at the time.

Hatsune Miku: Project MUGEN S.P. (Boxed Version) (MUGEN 1.0) (Unreleased)

After the cancellation of an HD version, 2011 was coming to an end and 2012 has arrived. Due to ridiculous internet drama and other trapping schemes, I went underground and continued working the screenpack. This was the character seect and versus designs I had in mind. However, It wasn't giving in much how I wanted it to be. And so the screenpack went back to the drawing board and turned into what it is today.


2 Re: Your Unfinished/Unreleased Mugen Works on Sun Jun 02, 2013 7:18 pm



So a long time ago in a galaxy far away I was making character. It was Ken(yeah I know,so generic). Basara had gave out these 3 CVS3 betas he was never supposed to finish due to the project being cancelled; Ken, Joe, and Adon. Since i was still fairly new to coding I figured having a nice opensource base would be a good start. I think open/closed-source was still a big issue back then idr. I decided to make Ken,and eventually Joe.
Old Screens:

For some reason back then I thought the Gouki pallete was cool.

Eventually I stole adopted a lot of code from POTS Ken.

Where are they now? Dead inside of two hardrives. PC caught a virus and i didnt know how to fix it properly so everything got reformatted, and the backups i had on my external are inaccessible due to the piece of shit falling off it's stand. Joe was actually complete. He wasn't amazing but i was proud i actually finished the fucker. I was gonna do a dual-release thing but that never happened. I DID at one point manage to recover a older copy of Ken from Waffles(me and him both were making Kens so we traded wips and shit) and I THOUGHT i backed him up on fileden and megaupload. Apparently the upload was corrupted on fileden so all i get is a corrupt file,and the fbi took out megaupload.  crying
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Although the project wasnt completely mine, another Unfinished work was MB-01. PZT and the rest of us at Unleaded Mugen (pretty much a failed revival of T.H.E. consisting of PZT,Citric Fortitude,DarkMario666,and some others whose names escape me) were gonna remake the lost MB-01 . I was helping out with custom sprites and shit but the project never got far. As far as I know, everyone in the group quit mugen.

Only thing i ever uploaded on photobucket apparently. The idea was he would have a shitload of weapons.

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3 Re: Your Unfinished/Unreleased Mugen Works on Mon Jun 03, 2013 12:13 am



Man these are some very interesting concepts. I would have liked to try out all those awesome stages Diss. Also, try Gen characters, I will post my 2 cents later on.

4 Re: Your Unfinished/Unreleased Mugen Works on Mon Jun 03, 2013 2:20 am



Unreleased Works...
well when i was serious on attempting to pump out content to contribute to the community... i tried to but meh...

the only unreleased work to not see the light of basically unreleased...and
ive think youve seen em

Camden Waterfront (2009) (W/NoZ)

Concept Shot from PS

the way i would do stuff is that i would toss of the oop and NoZ, would slam that ish the f down, like he usually does. it was a basic stage that i partially hand sprited
from scratch, particularly the benches and the barriers. NoZ would code it and put it together because i had a difficulty making hi-res stuff. it never was released but it has remain private to this day. The only person known to have a copy of this stage other than Noz is Fletch (b/c he asked 4 it and he one of my ppls). if i ever decided to finish it probably add trees and either replacing that trash can or ditching one altogether.

Phila Museum Of Art 2.0 (2012) (W/ NoZ)

this was a complete remaster from my very very 1st stage way back in hand sprite work...i just handled the simple cutting (well it wasn't that simple study) and he just took the ball and ran with it...moon stars glowing city lights and all...i was like... What a Face

Lincoln Financial Field 3.0 (2013?)

I actually jumped on this project the moment i was outta school. The thing that made me want to jump back and completely revamp it from the ground up is that the depth from the endzone in 2.0 IS COMPLETELY OFFF! (thats why you havent really seen me use it in vids recently). This stage is completely hand-sprited from scratch (with exception to the obvoius pictures in the bkgd. my goal is to have a video there where the pink is (its already made and just needs to be sliced up). i hit NoZ up a cpl weeks ago and i haven't heard a response... Nervous

but my goal is to have these released all-together someday
...i just wish i didnt lose all of my coding know how study


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5 Re: Your Unfinished/Unreleased Mugen Works on Wed Oct 21, 2015 7:19 pm



some 7 years ago I found a Mai/Akuma sprite swap attempt of evil mai on a Japanese mugen upload thread (i think it was actually 2chan!).
Myself and an old mugen friend started editing it to make a proper version but lost interest.
Back then there were so many shitty evil shin mech gangster disciple supreme, president ex alpha omega orochi god characters rampant, not to mention all the esnips links. RIP Evil Mai.


6 Re: Your Unfinished/Unreleased Mugen Works on Wed Oct 21, 2015 7:38 pm



Back in the phantomGs dayz, myself and "creator x" were working on a screenpack.
The goal was to make the most stupid, overkill, oversized, shiny , eyerape Screenpack that would piss everybody off. It was so stupid it was was so stupid it was lost in the mugen matrix.....
here is one of the horror pics.....


7 Re: Your Unfinished/Unreleased Mugen Works on Wed Oct 21, 2015 9:45 pm

Sir Lord Alpyne


holy crud, mai eyyyyyyyeeeeeesssssah!!

a'ight, before i proceed, i ask that y'all do pardon some of these "sprites" shown here, cuz some of'em are still in development hell.

ok, so for tha 'never gonna happen department, i kinda have only 1 for now:

Prosia, Germany

was dinkin' on it off-N-on, 'til OldGamer drop'd it outta nowhere. was gonna stop, but then after seein' tha spare sprite folder he drop'd with it, i thought, "well, maybe i could put my own spin on this, enhance it somehow" [like i did with Autumn Shrine], but then DavisMaximus pretty much did that with tha version he drop'd. i think tha only other thing outside of what he did i was gonna add was an attempt to do an intro, SamSho style:

so it was pretty much scrap'd after that release.

now, here are some WIPs in development hell [tha more i learn through experience, tha more ideas i get for my kreations, & therein, more often than not, lies tha problem. damn'd kreative tic in my head.....   ], but of which i will release 1ce completed, eventually:


Thailand Riverbank

Air Force Hangar

??? 1

??? 2

Kyokugenryu Dojo '95

R.O.K DeathMatch: Aftershock

Executive Lobby [working title]

kinda currently dinkin' on this. frankenspritin' tha floor on tha lower right side was a bitch i tell ya , but i managed to get it to what i wanted it to be. still got waaay more to do on it tho before it's done.

annnnnd for added torment [on my part]:


Fire at the Wadamoya

also basically an ongoing current project. i have tha same relationship with this 1 as i had with Forest of Forgetfulness [started workin' on both of'em at tha same time 2+ years ago, & as i learn'd more, both have been rebuilt from scratch multiple times], & so i still don't have'er exactly how i envision her to be. she's finish'd, in essence, but i wanna try to complete my vision for'er as much as possible. so yeah, she's still not ready just yet [1ce again, that damn'd tic. argh.].


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FailFail Fail  Fail  Fail  Fail  Fail  Fail

8 Re: Your Unfinished/Unreleased Mugen Works on Sun Nov 01, 2015 9:54 pm



Has GLB shared my shit yet? I'd really like to see them put to some use, really, especially since I have zero time for Muggin these days.

9 Re: Your Unfinished/Unreleased Mugen Works on Mon Nov 02, 2015 4:07 am



I haven't seen G in more than a month now I think, so I'm not entirely sure what happened to your stuff ._.

None of the old crew are actively doing mugen stuff these day. Most of us just hang around as a social hangout instead of a mugen thing :P


10 Re: Your Unfinished/Unreleased Mugen Works on Tue Nov 03, 2015 10:52 am



Give it to Diss to release.


11 Re: Your Unfinished/Unreleased Mugen Works on Wed Nov 04, 2015 12:38 pm



But only GLB has it now. My stuff is gone for good. God damn hard disk died on me. It was a good 5 years, anyway. R.I.P.

12 Re: Your Unfinished/Unreleased Mugen Works on Fri Nov 06, 2015 6:17 am



You uploaded it all to your mediafire. Do you still have the link to that? I could release your resources if you can provide that for me.


13 Re: Your Unfinished/Unreleased Mugen Works on Mon Nov 16, 2015 12:52 am



Ok well here's a WIP from when mugen 1.1 first got leaked.
I never ended up releasing or finishing it after spending about 2 days playing around i got pissed off with sucking at calculating parallax floors but i opened up the psd last night and felt like maybe finishing it.

It is a full HD 1920 x 1080p Mugen 1.1 remake of MOTVN's Underground Base stage / AKA the boss stage on rednavis CVS@2.8 game

My version however has multiple layers and scrolling etc, it would be epic if I decide to finish it lol.


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