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Awakened Terry V3 (Legendary Terry Bogard)

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11.0/older characters Awakened Terry V3 (Legendary Terry Bogard) on Wed May 15, 2013 3:53 pm



I released him weeks ago. Figured to release him here also so more folks get better in tune with my site and where to get the official source link.

I Did some final updates after release wen i got some solid feedback over time as far as fixes go to the AI & game play goes. Ive already moved on to my next project. Char File is 67MB. mainly because of the sounds and certain FX.

Get the real link from my site here: Pay attention to the update dates

He was made for Winmugen initially

Character theme type:
This terry is made to be like a boss syndrome kind character. super powered Terry and having all his moves from past games & iconic ones from the anime movies maxed out at its highest potential. This is why he has 15 supers. 5% are ones i came up with i felt fit terry's combat style and since hes a street fighter also who teaches himself new moves on the fly to adapt to battles and his opponent.

Character Game play features:
A mix of MVC. CVS & KOF

Read the movelist if you are wondering how to do certain moves. theres one hidden on purpose

Laters & enjoy


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