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zaOza By GLB&Yzan

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11.0/older Hi Res Stage zaOza By GLB&Yzan on Sun Feb 28, 2010 9:12 am



Well if you all are familiar with David Blaine street Magic parody's this was what we based the stage off of. We highly reccommend watching these vids before downloading stage--

On the 4th episode you will see zaOza whom makes his first appearance in that episode. Well to those of you who are familiar with the roots of zaOza already then you may like the stage. If you notice in the beginning the intro fades out quoting a line from the first vid "If you put this up on youtube I'm gonna effing sue you David Blaine." We changed it to "If you put this up on Mugen I'm gonna effing sue you David Blaine." Also if you look closely at the bottom you will notice zaOza appears suddenly as well as a What the eff?! text.

Here is a screenshot and a video of the stage:

And here is the stage:


Yzan- for being a good partner and putting in lots of work with me to complete the stage  :sugoi:
Dr. Feelgood/Ell3Garden- for making the vid and sticking by the idea the whole time
Also to all members of Newage mugen for also sticking by for our stage rants, lol.


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