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Neptune (beta) released, Saturn and Mini/Chibi Moon updated (2/12/2013)

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Well, the break didn't last long. Anyway, here's the "public beta" release of the latest Sailor in the project, Sailor Neptune!

In addition, Saturn and Mini/Chibi Moon have received some updates.

Download here:

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This looks nice! I'll make sure to give it a try once I get a chance.

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Looking forward to any feedback you may have.

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I found bugs using Neptune.
- Tidal Uppercut to Submarine Reflection or Submarine Violon Tide, a Tidal Uppercut FX sprite will be stuck floating and following where Neptune goes. If Tidal Uppercut is done again, the bug will be fixed.

- During certain instances, Submarine Reflection's sound will not play. Same goes with Submarine Violin Tide and Tidal Arrow Kick.

I'm not really sure if you're making this source-accurate. If you're not, then maybe you'd like to hear out some of my suggestions:
- High Resolution FX
- The Kick Attack has that SF Alpha style after-shadow effect, it doesn't look that great IMO
- Smoother Super Background transition
- Better voice for Neptune?
- Slower attack speed (Example: Air arrow kick)

Good luck!

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On the bugs reported:
-Sounds like I need to fix the chain there, maybe remove it?
-Yeah, there's a line of code for the projectile attacks I need to add.

I am going for something more custom, as my gameplay format is a pseudo-MVC style.
-I only did Hi-Res FX on the Violin hyper because that was the best set suggested.
-That was originally there by the former author. Will fix.
-I have better voice clips from the PSX fighter, but they are limited so not every line will get an upgrade. Similar to Jupiter and a few others.
-May consider.

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Oh yeah, one more thing. Neptune's projectiles miss when fired point blank.

- - - - -

NapoleonJonamite wrote:-Sounds like I need to fix the chain there, maybe remove it?
Don't remove it! It's a super easy chain to pull off and I think you should leave that in for the beginners. You'll need to fix the bug though. If you can't then just remove it.

NapoleonJonamite wrote:
-I only did Hi-Res FX on the Violin hyper because that was the best set suggested.
Hi-res effects is the new trend when creating characters though. Who knows, it might look awesome.

NapoleonJonamite wrote:
Maybe you could make the Super Background fade out, it'll look better IMO.

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Her projectiles seem to hit at point blank just fine on my end.

With regards to the explod error on her uppercut (Official name is "Splash Edge"), I think I have the solution, I should have it added pretty quick assuming I did it right. As for hi-res fx, I'm a bit apprehensive towards doing it with the characters having a SNES style to them.

Edit: I lied, they did miss. Fixed it. Will upload the fixed version later.

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