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Night of the Raging Storm(Geese/Nightmare Geese Stage)

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What's hood. Thought I'd step out of my normal range and give you something different. I'm known for original low-res stages that are Winmugen compatible, but this is hi-res...and 1.0 only. Based loosely on a scene in a Fatal Fury Anime, this is a destroyed dojo in a secluded forest where Geese trains. It's got the usual specs: Original concept, Original bgm(by yours truly), animaton and super jump.

Thank MarkPachi, Alpyne_D, Sou-Bot and Margatroid for any sprites, beta testing and input they provided. They help push this stage to the next level.


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That fog animation is terrible looking. In my honest opinion it should be repetitive and be in the beginning of the stage. The idea was nice, but it looks really bad. You should notice how terrible the effect is while running or walking.

Also, your foreground could use some cleaning on its edges. I notice a cut off on the statues head on the right as well as jagged edges along the floor and background elements, this is especially noticeable on the top right while the boundhigh is adjusted you should really consider using aliasing. Speaking of boundhigh, you can increase that quite a bit it seems. I don't know why you have it much lower, maybe there's a reason. The foreground itself is weirdly shaped and has an odd perspective, it also looks way too dark and contrasted.

Your shadows seem weird and off to me as well. The yscale could use an increase, and the intensity could be a bit higher. Maybe that's just me. On top of everything else, there's really bad gradient loss and color loss in the stage.

Why's there deltas under your [BGdef]?..... that makes absolutely no sense. Also, not a huge deal but your sprite/actionnos could use some better organization. I'm glad to see you at least kept the same BGM name as the stage for us lazy people with a lot of stages.

I tried opening your .sff to look over your sprites but I constantly get stream read errors when trying this is probably from using FFC, so that's not an option. I'm going to go out on a limb and say crop your sprites, I apologize if you have already. yeah, you didn't....... If I had to guess I'd say there's more than just the cropping error in your .sff but I am still unable to open it.

As far as adding content goes, maybe a black overlay to symbolize darkness? Some better fog. Maybe some birds? Idk. Either way it lacks a "wow" factor to excite the player. Maybe some rain and lightening? Regardless, there could be more content behind the foreground even with separated deltas to add some more life.

This is disappointing, Vegaz. I expected much more, Newagers don't produce these kinds of stages. I've seen your stage quality and coding gradually decrease for the past couple of months. I've seen potential in you, but it seems to be draining.

I want you to prove me wrong and show me you're capable of making something much better. Until then I'm demoting you. Don't take it personally, just work for it and don't think I'm singling you out, all newagers will get this treatment when deserved.

I offered you and many others help here on the forum and it's gone ignored in the past, along with providing a chat link for you to visit in your free time to seek improvement. Maybe you just need incentive.


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Vegaz man......What happened?

Just from looking through your sff,you need to crop ALL your sprites. That floor/statue sprite(which would look better separated since then you could add deltas) have a lot of empty space at the top that could be cropped out.

Also,why did you add your fog sprite twice? You could just code in the same one in different starting positions. You're adding to the filesize unnecessarily.

Continuing from that fog sprite,I have to assume you made it hella long so you wouldnt have to do work and add more coding but its longer than the floor itself by about 700 pixels,which isnt exactly a small number. You clearly knew how to mirror it looking at the sprite,you could have tiled that and made it much shorter in length.

Now to the Stage itself
Although monotoned,it looks nice as a whole,at least concept wise,though i don't see Geese fighting in all that blue,but thats just me. Now at ground level,things look fine(minus the fog but GLB commented on that so i won't bother to repeat him) but the top,the Cyan color looks bad and does not blend well with the rest of the stage. Should find an alternative to that. Even if is just a night sky with a moon or something,add SOMETHING.

This is just me,not sure if others will agree but you should adjust your verticalfollow,it starts following the player too early.GLB mentioned everything else so i won't reiterate.

Also,i think you should lower the shadow since the lightsource isnt clear but implied to be a dojo in a foggy forest.

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I thought you would stick with the very first idea you had for this stage, that looked promising.
here are a couple things I want to do. Like fade from day to night, as well as have the fog slowly fade in as the match goes on
told you how to fix the fog bug too.
I say. take your time man, don't rush things up :V

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If you need help with the fading fog,we're here :D

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Thanks everyone for the "detailed" feedback. Looks like I got alot of work to do. I'll be back with some updates. I need some time to regroup...


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